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    2. Toward a more sustainable use of nanomaterials in tires

      Geneva, 17 March 2021:The Tire Industry Project (TIP) has contributed to an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report that aims to help bridge the gap that could arise between suitable health and environmental risk assessment tools and frameworks, and the rapid innovation of nanotechnologies. The report Moving Towards a Safe(r) Innovation Approach (SIA) for More Sustainable Nanomaterials and Nano-enabled Products is the latest in an OECD ...
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    3. Tire Particles: Looking at The Big Picture Through (Very Small) Particles

      As public concern over environmental pollution evolves and focuses on new areas, businesses continue to seek solutions. Some aspects of the problem, like cutting down on disposable plastic bottles or reducing emissions, have been studied extensively. Other areas, such as microplastics in the environment, are much newer and their implications are still being understood. Found inoceans and waterways,soil and land ecosystems, andeven the air, microplastics are most commonly associated ...
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    4. Prototype device gathers microplastics from car tires

      While we may think of car exhaust as being a major source of air pollution, automobile tires also hugely contribute to microplastics pollution. A team of British arts and sciences students, known as The Tyre Collective, decided to do something about the latter. Led by Prof. Robert Shorten of Imperial College London (and the Royal College of Art), they developed a prototype device that sits adjacent to a car's ...
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