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    2. Liberty Tire Recycling sold to investor firm

      The Carlyle Group, a global investment firm based in Washington, has announced that it has agreed to sell Pittsburgh-based Liberty Tire Recycling to ECP, an investor with a reputation in the environmental and sustainable solutions sector. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021. Liberty, a tire recycling services provider, has a network of more than 25 processing plants ...
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    3. Ontario’s RPRA Consults on Proposed 2021 Registry Fees for Tires, Batteries and Electronics

      Consultation open for feedback until May 14, 2021 The Authority is consulting on its proposed 2021 Registry fees for tires, batteries and electronics. These are fees that registrants pay to the Authority annually to cover the Authoritys costs related to building and operating the Registry, and compliance and enforcement activities. As in 2020, producers obligated under the Tires Regulation, the Batteries Regulation and the Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) Regulation ...
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    4. The Individual Producer Responsibility Shift for Tires in Ontario

      In Canada, the Ontario government has been conducting an experiment in the province for the last two years. Following the passing of theResource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016(RRCEA) and Regulation 225/18-Tires, the scrap tire industry effectively transitioned from a government program to the private sector. From Public to Private: How the Tire Industry Shifted Based on this law, end-of-life (EOL) tires were no longer viewed as waste ...
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    5. Kal Tire nears launch of OTR tire recycling facility in Chile

      Kal Tire's new off-the-road (OTR) tire recycling facility in Antofagasta, Chile, is getting closer to full start-up. One of two thermal conversion reactors has successfully completed commissioning and is now undergoing full load tests to process 20,000 kg of tires, the equivalent of five 63" tires. Commissioning of the facility's second reactor is nearly complete and full production is in sight. "Kal Tire is committed to solving ...
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    6. Cleaner, stronger, harder: New tech improves sustainable concrete

      Researchers have developed a new technology to manufacture concrete made from recycled materials that is stronger and more durable than the traditional product. Recycled concrete aggregates made with everything from coffee cups to building rubble offer huge environmental benefits, from reducing landfill and CO2emissions, to saving natural resources and boosting the circular economy. Despite ongoing improvements however, challenges with matching the strength and durability of traditional concrete have hindered the ...
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    7. RPRA Announces Consultation on Distribution of the Ontario Tire Stewardship Surplus

      TheResource Productivity and Recovery Authority is consulting on Ontario Tire Stewardships (OTS) plan to return remaining Used Tires Program surplus funds to stewards. The plan was developed by Grant Thornton Limited, the court appointed OTS liquidator, as a Surplus Funds Addendum to the Used Tires Program Wind-Up Plan. The proposed addendum includes: which tire classes are eligible to share in the surplus a proposed methodology to allocate funds to stewards ...
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    8. ECO Green Equipment announces new sales representatives in Europe

      ECO Green Equipment one of the leading end-of-life tire recycling equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers worldwide has announced updates to its European sales team. Alejandro Grases and Ricardo Ayala recently joined ECO Green Equipment as sales representatives and from now on represent the European branch of the company.
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    9. ETRMA welcomes the EU Commission commitment to scope the development of possible further Union-wide end-of-waste (EoW) and by-product criteria (BP).

      In the context of the Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference: Together for a cleaner and more competitive Europe running on 3-4 November 2020, ETRMA joins forces to bring further the EU Commission commitment to scope, during 2020-2021, the development of possible further Unionwide end-of-waste (EoW) and by-product criteria (BP). This scoping exercise will help the Commission to make informed decisions on the need to adopt EU-wide EoW and/or BP criteria ...
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    10. It’s #WasteReductionWeek in Canada

      It’s #WasteReductionWeek in Canada
      Waste Reduction Week in Canada focuses on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. The programs primary purpose is to celebrate environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions. The celebratory nature of the campaign is what motivates learning and behaviour change. Each day of Waste Reduction Week and its associated theme is presented through the lens of its contribution to advancing a Circular ...
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    11. Ontario's RPRA Releases 2021 Business Plan

      The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority has released its 2021 Business Plan, which outlines the Authoritys planned activities and budgets for the next three years. The plan details the Authoritys strategic priorities and the staffing and financial plans to implement directions issued by the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks and fulfill its legislated mandate to reduce waste and litter through resource recovery.
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    12. Michelin and BlackCycle: A major European project for recycling end-of-life tires into new tires

      Officially funded by the EU in May 2020, the BlackCycle partners are pleased to announce the launch of the project today. The BlackCycle project involves 13 organisations1 in a unique European public-private partnership that will demonstrate the technical, environmental, and economic viability of world-first circular processes. The consortium will develop specific solutions to produce sustainable raw materials for tyres: ELT collection and feedstock selection, pyrolysis2 optimisation, oil refining and valorisation ...
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    13. BASF signs agreements with New Energy for uptake of pyrolysis oil derived from waste tires and for a joint feasibility study

      Ludwigshafen, Germany and Budapest, Hungary September 1, 2020 BASF SE (BASF) signed an uptake supply agreement with New Energy, a technology company specialized in the pyrolysis of waste tires, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. According to the agreement, New Energy will supply BASF with up to 4,000 metric tons of pyrolysis oil per year derived from waste tires. In a pilot phase, first volumes of the pyrolysis oil have already ...
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    1. The symposium brings together international experts and professionals from the tire and rubber manufacturing sectors (and) the rubber recycling industry, including processors, transporters, equipment manufacturers and stewardship organizations.
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