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    2. Yokohama Rubber Testing a System for Tire and Road-Surface Sensing

      TokyoThe Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.; Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.; and Zenrin Co., Ltd., are conducting pilot testing with connecting data obtained from an Internet of Things (IoT) tire fitted with a road surface sensing system to map data and have begun studying new tire business.This pilot testing involves conducting road-surface sensing with a test vehicle equipped with an advanced tire sensor that is being developed jointly by Yokohama Rubber ...
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    3. Smithers upgrades low temperature retraction testing instrumentation at rubber physical testing lab in Akron, Ohio

      Smithers has invested in upgraded low temperature retraction instrumentation at itsrubber physical testinglaboratory in Akron, Ohio.The new instrument offers improved temperature control for low temperature retraction testing. Additionally, the instrument is significantly more efficient, which will allow for better turnaround times for customers and improved laboratory efficiency overall.Our top priority is getting accurate data to our customers on time, saidChristine Domer, General Manager, Akron Labs, Smithers. This investment ...
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    4. Pioneering particle beam microscope increases tire analysis accuracy

      Pioneering particle beam microscope increases tire analysis accuracy
      Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) and Ibaraki University, Japan, have pioneered a technique to accurately observe individual compounds in a tires structure, to help with future tire development. Through the use of a newly designed particle beam microscope developed at Ibaraki University, a team of researchers and engineers has been able to observe and analyze individual materials in a tires compound for the first time.
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    5. Analysis: Rubber mixing plants of the future

      LONDONRubber mixers will have to become more automated and part of "holistic" production set-ups to deal with complexity in both the materials being processed and end use markets, according to Andreas Limper, a senior executive of HF Mixing Group. There is a continuing rise in the number and types of tires required by the automotive industry as it brings more and more car models onto the market, Limper noted at ...
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    6. Hankook Partners with Amazon for Tire Compound Prediction Modeling

      Hankook Tire is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to incorporate more digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data. Hankook Tire recently developed a Virtual Compound Design (VCD) system, which predicts the characteristics of tire compounds and finds an optimal combination through artificial intelligence analysis, the company says.
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    7. Sumitomo Rubber claims breakthrough for tire material observation

      Sumitomo Rubber claims breakthrough for tire material observation
      Kobe, Japan Sumitomo Rubber Industries and Japans Ibaraki University have jointlydeveloped a new technique for selectively observing any of the various materials in tire rubber. Using a new particle beam microscopedeveloped by Ibaraki University, the groundbreaking technique makes it possible to evaluate the rubber that is used in mass-produced tires rather than processed test samples, said Sumitomo 23 Jan.
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    8. Kraton expands line with pine-based alternatives

      Kraton expands line with pine-based alternatives
      CLEVELANDKraton Corp.'s newest products have a similar feel, and that's a good thing. The firm unveiled its Sylvatraxx 8000 tread enhancement additives grades, which it said are designed to optimize the balance between wet traction and rolling resistance in silica-filled passenger car tire treads, specifically for high-performance all-season tires.
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    1. Rubber compounding is a complex process, and people in various roles in many different industries can benefit from learning the basics.
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