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    2. Pirelli Launches Powergy Summer Tire

      Pirellis Powergy used advanced virtual reality systems to attain its performance goals. These new processes have allowed the tread pattern and tire profile to be optimised, maximising the contact patch. This contact patch is balanced, with uniform pressure across it to reduce braking distances and enhance the cars controllability and driving precision.These aspects are matched to compounds with specific polymers, to improve wet braking and tire life.
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    3. Pirelli’s intelligent tires to come as OE tire on the McLaren Artura

      Pirelliwill supply intelligent tires equipped with sensors for the first time on the McLaren Artura. Pirellis Cyber Tire system, made up of a sensor in each tire, gathers vital data for safe driving, linked to software integrated into the cars onboard computer. Cyber Tire technology offers a plethora of information to the car and driver: the tires passport the type of tire, whether its a winter or summer version, prescribed ...
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    4. Pirelli’s Cyber Tire System Starts Dialogue Between Cars & Tires

      A firstPirelli now equips as standard, a tire with sensors that can talk to a car! Pirellis Cyber Tire system, made up of a sensor in each tire that gathers vital data for safe driving, is linked to software integrated into the cars onboard computer. That car is the McLaren Artura complete with sensor-equipped tires: a hybrid supercar packed with technology for an even safer and more involved driving experience ...
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    5. Pirelli Elect: The Tyre That Increases Autonomy, Reduces Onboard Noise and Maximises Grip

      ...e weight of a battery-powered vehicle. These are the key characteristics of Pirelli Elect tyres, developed by Pirelli together with leading car manufacturers to meet the specific technical requirements of electric and pl...
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    1. Pirelli is committed to promote, develop and implement a sustainable and responsible procurement and use of natural rubber throughout its entire value chain.
      In Pirelli adopts sustainable NR supply policy
    2. Power is nothing without control, Pirelli is committed to roadway safety, and we look forward to assisting MADD's efforts by providing safe tires and promoting driver safety.
      In Pirelli Partners with MADD
    3. Pirelli has tried to reinvent the imagery in the car world where the woman was literally the trademark of the road.
      In A first look at the all-black 2018 Pirelli calendar - Cnn Style