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    2. Autonomous vehicles with smart tires are on the way

      In the future, tires designed for autonomous vehicles will require smart characteristics in addition to traditional ones such as wet grip. The sensor technology in tires will provide us with even more information on the driving conditions and their changes. We will be seeing even more driver assist features, especially in premium tires, within a few years. The popularization of smart tires and autonomous driving is also likely to reduce ...
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    3. ESP's AI uses Smartphone to Check Tread Depth

      DUBUQUE, Iowa,March 23, 2021/PRNewswire/ --E-Solution Professionals(ESP) has developed technology that allows vehicle users to calculate tire tread depth by using their smartphone camera. The Monocular Tread Depth Reader is a technological breakthrough not only because accurate depth perception traditionally requires more than one camerabut also because it's difficult to train a computer to perceive depth easily. The ESP technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) and modern machine ...
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    4. Coming soon: Smart tires that could help you drive better

      New York (CNN Business) - We tend to think of tires as big circular hunks of black rubber that just roll down the road. We don't think about them much until something goes wrong and you're stuck waiting for roadside assistance or digging the spare out of the trunk. If tires could talk, they might demand more respect. Maybe you'd stop letting them get under-inflated and worn out ...
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    1. We're particularly happy to see this collaboration between Bridgestone and Lightyear, with two companies that share a vision for future sustainable mobility coming together.
      In Bridgestone to supply tires for long-range solar-electric car
    2. Working with UFODRIVE is a unique opportunity for us to expand the successful Goodyear Total Mobility fleet solutions from our commercial truck and bus business to the rapidly evolving EV passenger fleet landscape.
      In Goodyear Teams up with Electric Mobility Pioneer UFODRIVE
    3. Working with a tier one mobility company like Goodyear allows UFODRIVE to expand on its mission to deliver a seamless transition to electric mobility for shared fleets.
      In Goodyear Teams up with Electric Mobility Pioneer UFODRIVE