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    2. EcoGreen Equipment Honored as #1 Tire Recycling Supplier for Global Recircle Awards

      U.S.-based manufacturer of tire recycling machinery beats out European competitors for international awards program that recognizes excellence in tire recycling. With the world consuming 1.5 billion tires each year, the Recircle Awards are designed to recognize companies in the tire manufacturing, retreading and recycling industries that eliminate waste in support of the circular economy. The annual event was held virtually this year and was sponsored by Autopromotec ...
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    1. The European tire industry has been a global leader in tire performance, innovation and research, sustained by a unique regulatory framework.
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    2. Goodyear has a longstanding reputation for innovation and plays a leading role in global initiatives to advance mobility.
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    3. We have more than around 50 percent of the global demand of natural rubber within the membership of GPSNR.
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