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    2. Sumitomo Rubber joins Japan Hydrogen Association

      Sumitomo Rubber has announced that it has joined the Japan Hydrogen Association after its membership application was approved mid-February. The Associations aim is to promote global cooperation in every part of the hydrogen industry, alongside forming reliable supply chains for hydrogen. Sumitomo says it is working to achieve net-zero CO2emissions within its tire manufacturing processes by 2050, and has started to investigate the future use of hydrogen energy at its ...
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    3. Cleaner, stronger, harder: New tech improves sustainable concrete

      Researchers have developed a new technology to manufacture concrete made from recycled materials that is stronger and more durable than the traditional product. Recycled concrete aggregates made with everything from coffee cups to building rubble offer huge environmental benefits, from reducing landfill and CO2emissions, to saving natural resources and boosting the circular economy. Despite ongoing improvements however, challenges with matching the strength and durability of traditional concrete have hindered the ...
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    1. Reducing our CO2  emissions is a key pillar of our long-term sustainability vision, which is why I can't emphasize enough the significance of this milestone.
      In Bridgestone European facilities powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources
    2. The administration's proposed cuts to EPA's fuel economy and vehicle emissions budget is short-sighted and would create uncertainty, cost jobs and potentially destroy our country's competitive edge in this important field.
      In Trump's EPA cuts a 'short-sighted' step backward, says Mich. congresswoman
    3. Regardless of the outcome of these discussions, I assure you we have an absolute and unwavering commitment to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and invest in technologies to drive an all-electric future.
      In Barra: GM supports modernizing CAFE standards