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    1. Nokian begins testing at Spanish test center

      Nokian Tyres has announced that it has started testing at its new test center in Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Spain. The site, nicknamed the Hakka Ring, consists of 10 tracks over a 300ha area, including a 7km oval track that circles the facility and can accommodate 300km/h tests.

      Nokian will use the center to speed up product development cycles and strengthen the company’s market position as a manufacturer of premium tires. The site will use an array of environmentally friendly technologies including 1,000 solar panels, water recycling and white roofs.

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    2. Sustainable tire materials

      Fossil fuels collectively supply about 85% of today’s world energy; of this amount, transportation powered by petroleum produces 25% of man-made atmospheric carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. Consequently, petroleum is facing threats from renewable energy sources, climate change concerns, EV usage and politicians sometimes promoting pseudoscientific environmental policies. It seems that future undertakings directed at decarbonizing transport will be driven mainly by government legislation and mandates, not by consumer preferences or diminished petroleum supplies. The tire industry will not be immune to these pressures, but the movement toward sustainable mobility could be problematic for tire manufacturers and their suppliers.

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    3. Goodyear to develop aircraft tug tire solutions for Trepel

      Having long provided smart tire solutions for commercial vehicles and aircraft tires, manufacturer Goodyear will now also provide similar solutions for airport tractors that maneuver aircraft.

      A heavy-duty version of Goodyear’s own TPMS was integrated into the Trepel aircraft tug’s dashboard, an industry first for the tire manufacturer’s TPMS technology as it normally operates through a web platform or app. Following any loss in pressure or a temperature change, the TPMS sensor built into the vehicle’s tire will then alert the driver in the cabin via a screen in the dashboard if action needs to be taken such as a change in tire.


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    4. Goodyear introduces next-gen tires for container handlers

      Tire maker Goodyear is to introduce the EV-4S Gen II and EV-5S Gen II for use within the container handling sector.

      With a revised construction, the EV-4S Gen II and EV-5S Gen II feature a new cavity shape, which the company says reduces wear and lowers the operating cost per hour of vehicles fitted with the tires. An increased area of protection on the bead reduces chafing, and an oversized high-strength bead bundle enhances stability during high-load situations.

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    5. Bridgestone to supply tires for long-range solar-electric car

      Bridgestone is to supply the Lightyear One solar-electric project with its lightweight ENLITEN technology in the form of its Turanza Eco tires. The company hopes the tires, engineered specifically for the vehicle, will make a significant efficiency contribution to maintain battery life, maximize the range of the car and reduce its environmental impact.

      The partnership between Netherlands-based Lightyear and Bridgestone comes as the tire manufacturer seeks to demonstrate its progress in delivering advanced solutions in the sustainable mobility sector.

      Dubbed the world’s first long-range solar-electric vehicle, the Lightyear One will hit test tracks in Q2 of 2021, and then become commercially available by the end of the year.

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    6. Michelin launches new agricultural tires

      Michelin has announced the launch of its latest range of tires aimed at the agricultural market. The Agribib Row Crop IF (Improved Flexion) tires will be manufactured at the company’s Troyes plant in France and have been specifically designed for use on self-propelled and trailered sprayers, as well as on low- to medium-horsepower row crop tractors ranging from 70ps to 182ps.

      All of the tires in the range use Michelin’s Ultraflex technology, which creates a larger tire footprint to help protect soil against compaction and improves traction at the same time. They also feature strengthened sidewalls to enable them to operate at lower air pressures. The design aims to protect soil and improve crop yield and productivity.

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    7. Yokohama claims world’s first technology that enables production of butadiene from biomass

      Yokohama claims to have developed the world’s first technology to enable the efficient production of butadiene from biomass. The breakthrough is said to have been achieved at the Bio-monomer Production Laboratory, a facility jointly established by Yokohama, Riken and Zeon. Butadiene is one of the core raw materials needed to produce synthetic rubber for automotive tires.

      At present, industrial butadiene is produced as a by-product of naphtha pyrolysis. Thus, the development of a butadiene production technology will help reduce dependence on petroleum and cut COemissions.

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    8. ETRMA appoints new members for 2022

      Following a meeting of the board of directors, the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) has agreed that from 2022 it will welcome Nexen Tire Europe and the Czech Republic and Slovakia Tire Producers’ Associations as members. Following these additions, ETRMA will represent 15 international tire manufacturers and 11 national sector associations.

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    9. Apollo claims ‘breakthrough’ in cross-ply tire performance

      To further strengthen its position in the Indian market, especially in the commercial vehicle (CV) segment, Apollo Tyres has introduced what it describes as a “breakthrough product in cross-ply technology”. The company hopes that the launch of the Apollo Abhimanyu, a cross-ply rib tire for steer axles in CVs, will help it capitalize on the upsurge in the cross-ply industry in recent months in India.

      Apollo says it has tested the new tire for more than 2,500,000km, both at the company’s indoor testing facilities as well as in real-time conditions across all applications. Designed and developed at Apollo Tyres’ Global R&D Centre Asia, in Chennai, the tire is currently being produced at the company’s manufacturing unit in Perambra, Kerala. Apollo states that it intends to create a new benchmark in performance in the steer tire space, where the adoption of radials is lagging and bias ...

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    10. Hankook enters trailer tire market

      Hankook has entered the trailer tire market with the introduction of the Vantra Trailer range, consisting of a standard trailer tire and the high-load TH31 variant.

      The Vantra Trailer will be released in nine sizes, while the Vantra Trailer for high loads (TH31) will be released in three. The tires are intended for use on vehicles such as campers, fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers, flatbed/hauling trailers, boat trailers and horse trailers.

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    11. Continental meets target of 100% green electricity for production

      A KPMG reasonable assurance report has revealed that Continental achieved its target of using 100% green electricity in its production processes in 2020. Last year, the manufacturer purchased four million MWh of green energy, and reduced its direct and indirect global COemissions by 70%, down from 3.2 million metric tons in 2019 to 0.99 million metric tons in 2020. Continental says that several forms of renewable energy were used to help reach the target, including water, sun and wind.

      “Sustainable business is the future. With our ambitious goals, we are decisively pursuing the transformation to a sustainable economy,” commented Ariane Reinhart, the Continental executive board member responsible for sustainability. “We are delighted by this objective validation of our work. The result of the audit shows that we take our sustainability ambitions seriously and are meeting the targets we have set ourselves.”

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    12. Kumho announces new tire for light commercial vehicles and vans

      Kumho has released details of its latest product for the European market. The PorTran 4S CX11 all-season tire for light commercial vehicles and vans combines features of the company’s previous tires, the SOLUS 4S HA32 for passenger cars and the winter PorTran CW11 van tire.

      Kumho says that a combination of cutting-edge compounds and advanced tread design will optimize contact pressure with the road, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption and giving the tire excellent braking characteristics and performance in all weather conditions. 

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    13. Bridgestone European facilities powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources

      Bridgestone has announced that 100% of electricity at its European sites now comes from renewable sources, up from 90% in March 2020.

      The company’s European R&D center and proving ground in Rome, Italy; the textile plant in Usansolo, Spain; and the PCT plant in Lanklaar and EMIA headquarters in Brussels, both in Belgium, now consume only 100% renewable energy.

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    14. Sumitomo to harness world’s most powerful supercomputer for rubber development

      Having applied to make use of Japan’s HPCI (High-Performance Computing Infrastructure) for industrial research purposes in early 2021, Sumitomo Rubber Industries says it has been granted one of the first corporate slots to begin utilizing the Fugaku supercomputer once it becomes available for general use by academic and industrial researchers from March 9 this year.


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    15. BKT releases new heavy-load tire

      BKT has announced the release of its new Earthmax SR 412 OTR tire, set for use on construction vehicles such as articulated dumper trucks, loaders and bulldozers.

      The tire features increased stability attributes and uprated damage resistance due to a robust all-steel casing belt, enabling the Earthmax SR 412 to transport heavier payloads and avoid punctures and tears. Changes have also been made to the tread pattern, which now features E4 depth alongside a square shoulder to increase traction, grip, high-heat resistance and vehicle maneuverability.

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    16. Nexen’s Žatec factory produces first OE fitment tires

      Tire manufacturer Nexen Tire has announced that its manufacturing plant in Žatec, Czech Republic, has produced its first OE tires, which will equip the Hyundai Tucson.

      According to Nexen, operations at the plant have stabilized despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, and the company is looking to expand the plant’s roll in the supply of OE tires, leveraging its central European location, which gives it access to 30 car manufacturers within a 400km radius.

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    17. Sumitomo Rubber joins Japan Hydrogen Association

      Sumitomo Rubber has announced that it has joined the Japan Hydrogen Association after its membership application was approved mid-February. The Association’s aim is to promote global cooperation in every part of the hydrogen industry, alongside forming reliable supply chains for hydrogen.

      Sumitomo says it is working to achieve net-zero CO2  emissions within its tire manufacturing processes by 2050, and has started to investigate the future use of hydrogen energy at its major tire factories in Japan.

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    18. Continental harnesses two-phase compounds for latest winter truck tires

      Continental has released details of its newly developed Generation 3 winter tires for truck applications. Part of its Scandinavia tire family, the new generation consists of the HS3 (steer), HD3 (drive) and HT3 (trailer) tires.

      “As our customers face tougher market demands, they expect us to deliver higher-performance products,” said Hinnerk Kaiser, head of tire development at Continental. “For the Generation 3 winter tires we pooled our tire expertise and brought new technologies into play in order to push the performance envelope. We decided to use a higher natural rubber content so as to further improve rolling resistance and maximize flexibility in low temperatures.”

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    19. Yokohama expands tire mold production capacity

      Japanese tire manufacturer Yokohama Rubber’s domestic tire mold production subsidiary Yokohama Mold is to expand production capacity at its Thai production facilities (YMTC).

      The company states that the capacity expansion is aimed at strengthening the group’s supply chain in the ASEAN region. Construction of the new facilities began in January 2021, with completion planned for the end of this year.

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    20. Nokian targets tire made from 100% recycled and renewable materials

      Nokian Tires says it intends to develop a tire concept that uses 100% recycled materials by 2025.

      “We develop our winter tires with decades of knowledge of winter conditions. Each new generation builds on the previous, as we are continuously learning and developing new ways to safely adapt to the changing world around us,” said Anu Moisio, brand manager for Nokian Tyres. 

      “We want the drivers who choose Nokian Tyres products to know that not only can they safeguard their families’ journeys with their tire choice, but that their decision will also respect the world we all live in.”

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    21. Pirelli employs adaptive tread pattern and compounds for new all-season tire range

      Pirelli has launched its latest all-season tire, the Cinturato All Season SF2, which is designed to provide a broad performance window across both winter and summer conditions. The company says this is possible due to a new compound and tread pattern design that adapts automatically to the different temperature peaks of summer and winter.

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    22. Sumitomo Rubber opens new winter tire test facility

      Sumitomo Rubber opens new winter tire test facility

      Sumitomo Rubber Industries has opened a new testing facility at one of its main development bases for winter tires, the Nayoro Tire Proving Ground in Hokkaido, Japan.

      It states that the Nayoro Indoor Ice Field (NICE) is one of the largest indoor on-ice tire testing facilities in Japan, featuring a 100m braking test course as well as a 30 x 30m (approximate) turning test course.

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