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    1. Goodyear Rolls Out Digital Customer Service with eGain

      SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- eGain (NASDAQ: EGAN), the leading cloud platform for customer engagement automation, today announced that The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (NASDAQ: GT) has deployed eGain for digital-first, omnichannel customer engagement.  

      True to its goal of making the tire buying process easy for consumers, Goodyear wanted to deliver a cutting-edge customer service experience through virtual assistance and multimedia chat to help seamlessly match consumers with answers to their questions. The company also wanted to control costs and enable a seamless experience for contact center agents.

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    2. Goodyear and cinema: an ever-present love story

      Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company or more simply Goodyear, historic tire company founded by Fred Seiberling in 1898, can be considered today to all intents and purposes a Lovemark, because it exploits in its very particular market a communicative modus operandi that points to the hearts of consumers, making it recognizable, reliable, creating memories capable of going directly beyond the tire and the road. It does this through trans-media marketing, that is covering more or less at 360 ° every possible media angle and getting to mentally and emotionally engage users and future buyers.

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    3. Bridgestone to Open Nearly 60 New Stores in 2021

      NASHVILLE, Tenn.March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bridgestone Retail Operations (BSRO), a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas and the largest network of company-owned tire and automotive service centers in the world, announced it will open 58 new stores across the U.S. in 2021 as part of the company's continued growth strategy. The projected launches follow significant BSRO expansion in 2020 when 52 new locations opened amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent impacts on the retail sector.

      "We are grateful that despite all the changes 2020 had in store for us, we were able to create jobs in 52 new communities and provide essential services to more customers across the country," said Marko Ibrahim, president, Bridgestone Retail Operations. "We are excited to continue expanding our retail footprint in 2021 as we solidify our position as the most trusted tire and automotive service provider in every neighborhood we serve."


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    4. Bridgestone Delivers Service to Customers' Driveways with Firestone Direct

      NASHVILLE, Tenn.March 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) announced the launch of Firestone Direct mobile vehicle service for car owners and fleet operators. Firestone Direct brings the capabilities of the company's 2,200 Bridgestone Retail Operations automotive service centers directly to vehicle owners' homes or workplaces to offer maximum convenience with safe, contact-free service. 

      The innovative new offering uses custom-designed and specially equipped vans operated by certified technicians to perform a wide range of maintenance services, including fluid and filter changes, tire repair and replacement, battery check and replacement, and more. The new service launched first in Nashville and Atlanta, and expanded into Orlando and Tampa in March. Through 2021, Firestone Direct will continue to grow into additional markets across the southeastern U.S., with plans to expand nationwide by 2023.

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    5. PARTS iD, Inc. Announces Agreements to Expand Tire Installation Network to Over 12,000 Locations

      PARTS iD, Inc. (NYSE American: ID) (“PARTS iD” or “Company), the owner and operator of, among other verticals, “CARiD.com,” a leading digital commerce platform for the automotive aftermarket, today announced an end-to-end offering in its wheels & tires category. CARiD customers now have the option to book an appointment with a nearby tire installation location from its network, while buying the tires of their choice from CARiD.com.

      To date there are 2,117 active locations for tire installation providing nationwide coverage to CARiD customers. CARiD plans to expand to more than 9,000 tire installation locations by the end of the year, with an additional 3,000 locations joining the network in 2022.

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    6. ESP's AI uses Smartphone to Check Tread Depth

      DUBUQUE, IowaMarch 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- E-Solution Professionals (ESP) has developed technology that allows vehicle users to calculate tire tread depth by using their smartphone camera.

      The Monocular Tread Depth Reader is a technological breakthrough not only because accurate depth perception traditionally requires more than one camera but also because it's difficult to train a computer to perceive depth easily. The ESP technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) and modern machine learning to create neural networks that enable it to calculate depth from a single camera lens.

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    7. Coming soon: Smart tires that could help you drive better

      New York (CNN Business) - We tend to think of tires as big circular hunks of black rubber that just roll down the road. We don't think about them much until something goes wrong and you're stuck waiting for roadside assistance or digging the spare out of the trunk.

      If tires could talk, they might demand more respect.

      Maybe you'd stop letting them get under-inflated and worn out. Or they could warn you about a nail in the tread that, in a couple days, will make the tire pressure warning light come on. They might even help you drive better, stop sooner and get better gas mileage.

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    8. You Can Now Pay for Your Tires with Dogecoin

      In its search for alternative payments, Pay Later Tires has announced that it now supports Dogecoin, becoming the very first tire and wheel retailer in the U.S. to make such a move.

      From now, its customers will be able to buy or lease tires from brands like Michelin and Hankook for various types of vehicles with the meme cryptocurrency.

      Apart from Dogecoin, it also accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two largest cryptocurrencies.

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    9. USTMA Announces National Tire Safety Week

      WASHINGTON, Mar. 16, 2021 – The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) today announced it will launch its yearly consumer tire safety awareness campaign, National Tire Safety Week, from June 28 through July 4, 2021. This year’s theme, “Do Your Part, Know Your Roll,” will educate motorists about proper tire care and maintenance as an important part of road safety 

      “Safety has always been a priority for USTMA and its partners, and the lens through which we view safety has expanded as a result of the pandemic,” said Anne Forristall Luke, president and CEO of USTMA. “National Tire Safety Week aims to educate drivers about the vital yet practical steps they can take to properly maintain and care for their tires. Tires are the only part of a vehicle that touches the road, so you want to keep them in top shape to help you stay safe on the ...

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    10. Pirelli employs adaptive tread pattern and compounds for new all-season tire range

      Pirelli has launched its latest all-season tire, the Cinturato All Season SF2, which is designed to provide a broad performance window across both winter and summer conditions. The company says this is possible due to a new compound and tread pattern design that adapts automatically to the different temperature peaks of summer and winter.

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    11. Improved Michelin tire geared for vans, pickups, and light trucks

      Michelin unveiled its all-new Agilis 3 tire, designed specifically for light commercial vehicles including light trucks, vans, and pickups. During the online launch event, company executives explained how the need for “sustainable mobility” has been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic — with logistics being a crucial cog of daily life.

      Michelin thus sees the newest iteration of the Agilis line as a decisive answer to the even more important role of mobility during this time, and is another expression of how the brand is working to make tires last as long as possible while assuring safety and performance throughout their life cycle.

      The Agilis 3 is particularly positioned to “play a central role in the new normal,” as it takes its place as Michelin’s primary product in the segment.

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    12. New labels on tires from May in Europe

      From next May, consumers will be better informed when choosing new tires for their cars, as there will be a new label that will mention parameters such as fuel economy, wet grip and rolling noise.

      The purpose of the regulation is to make labels clearer and to provide consumers with more information so that they can choose safer and more energy-efficient and less noisy tires. Icons for snow and ice traction will be added and the design of the label will be updated.

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    13. Sumitomo Rubber opens new winter tire test facility

      Sumitomo Rubber opens new winter tire test facility

      Sumitomo Rubber Industries has opened a new testing facility at one of its main development bases for winter tires, the Nayoro Tire Proving Ground in Hokkaido, Japan.

      It states that the Nayoro Indoor Ice Field (NICE) is one of the largest indoor on-ice tire testing facilities in Japan, featuring a 100m braking test course as well as a 30 x 30m (approximate) turning test course.

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    14. Ensure you and your vehicle are up to speed this winter

      “Weather plays a huge factor [in accidents], but it’s not an excuse,” says Sgt. Brett Moore of the Toronto Police Service.

      On a wintry day, numerous crashes happen, varying in severity. However, not everyone is aware of what to do if they're involved in an accident.

      Officers say the first step should be a given: to abide by the provincial slogan “Steer it to Clear it.”

      “Especially if you’re on a highway,” adds Sgt. Moore. “If you’re on the Gardiner or the Don Valley Parkway, get it off the road.”


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    15. Continental Manufactures Tire With New 'HL' Load Index

      Large, powerful cars and SUVs with electric or hybrid drive are far heavier than conventional vehicles, yet offer little room to fit larger tires with higher load capacities. In response, Continental is now manufacturing the first passenger tire with the new “HL” load index. Inflated to the same pressure, these tires have a higher load capacity than those built to the former XL standard, said the company.

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    16. Continental expands its online dealer portal ContiOnlineContact for OTR and agricultural tires

      Hanover, January 18, 2021. Continental expands the digital online dealer portal ContiOnlineContact. The portal now lists the entire Off-The-Road (OTR) and agricultural tire portfolio. This enables dealers and customers from the agricultural, industrial, earthmoving, port and airport sectors, among others, to order tires flexibly and on demand. With the expansion of the dealer portal to include OTR and agricultural tires, service performance will be continuously improved and tire ordering will be catering to the individual needs of the customers. The new products are available both as ad-hoc orders with delivery directly from the regional warehouses and as direct shipments from the factories. 

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    17. Quebec Once Proposed Outlawing Motorcycle Riding In The Winter And It Sort Of Makes Sense

      As Canada Moto Guide notes, much of Europe already has laws in place to require the use of winter tires for all vehicles in specific months. This alone takes a lot of motorcycles off of roads. However, some governments want to take it a step further: A couple of years ago, Quebec proposed a ban on motorcycles from its roads entirely during the winter months. During a cold ride to a flight lesson I realized it’s not entirely crazy.

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    18. Purcell Tire Joins Michelin's Commercial, Retreading Networks

      Purcell Tire & Rubber Co., the ninth-largest commercial tire dealer in the country and the fifth-largest retreader, is joining the Michelin Commercial Service Network and Michelin Retread Technologies Inc. and Oliver Rubber Co. LLC retreading networks.

      With 65 service locations and five retread plants in 15 states, Purcell Tire is also the largest retreader of OTR tires in North America. 

      “After a 30-year relationship with Michelin, Purcell Tire is honored to be a part of a very exclusive network of dealers focused on offering the best products and services for commercial and OTR fleets,” says Bob Purcell, owner of Purcell Tire.

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    19. Nokian Tyres Introduces New Hakkapeliitta 10 Winter Tire

      Nokian Tyres Introduces New Hakkapeliitta 10 Winter Tire

      Nokian Tyres is releasing what the company calls its new flagship product: the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 studded tire for passenger cars and SUVs.

      The company says the tire’s double-stud technology is suitable for all winter conditions and offers balanced grip and controlled handling on ice, snow, and bare roads alike.

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    20. Falken Tire selected as original equipment for Toyota’s new model “mirai”

      Falken Tires announced it will begin supplying its high-performance Falken AZENIS FK001 A/S tires to Toyota Motor Corporation for use as factory standard tires on their new model MIRAI fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) for the North American market, which went on sale this December.

      The new model MIRAI not only achieves improved fuel economy compared with previous FCEVs, but is also designed to provide a more refined, comfortable ride as well as a quieter drive.

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    21. Yokohama Tire’s Geolandar CV G058 wins 2020 Good Design award

      Yokohama Tire’s Geolandar CV G058 wins 2020 Good Design award

      Yokohama Tire’s latest Geolandar product, the Geolandar CV G058, was named a 2020 GOOD DESIGN award-winner in the transportation category from The Chicago Athenaeum.

      “We’re honored once again to earn a prestigious GOOD DESIGN award for one of our Geolandar tires,” Andrew Briggs, Yokohama’s vice president of marketing and product management. “In 2019, our extreme all-terrain Geolandar X-AT and the performance SUV/crossover Geolandar X-CV also received two GOOD DESIGN awards.

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    22. Kingston Tire Shop Owner Shares His Customer’s Favourite Winter Tires

      Selecting the right set of winter tires for your vehicle can be a daunting task — especially if you’re a first-time winter-tire user with minimal real-world experience on which to draw for your decision. After all, winter tires exist across a wide range of prices, styles, and intentions, with some better-suited to certain conditions and vehicles than others.

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    23. Pirelli Elect: The Tyre That Increases Autonomy, Reduces Onboard Noise and Maximises Grip

      Low rolling resistance to increase autonomy, decreased road noise for ultimate comfort, immediate grip that puts the power down for a quick getaway, and a special structure designed to support the weight of a battery-powered vehicle. These are the key characteristics of Pirelli Elect tyres, developed by Pirelli together with leading car manufacturers to meet...

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