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    1. JSR launches new SBR for high performance tires

      JSR launches new SBR for high performance tires

      Tokyo – JSR Corp. has developed a new styrene butadiene copolymer rubber (SBR) for automotive tires with “significantly improved” mechanical strength and wear resistance compared to conventional SBR, the company announced 3 Sept.

      Developed to meet the demands of future mobility, the new rubber combines JSR’s “unique polymerisation and hydrogenation technologies” to control the number of unsaturated bonds in the material.

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    2. Global Carbon Black World Data Book 2019: Overview of the $17 Billion Global Markets - Forecast Through 2023

      The Carbon Black World Data Book 2019 provides an up-to-date overview of the $17 billion global markets for carbon black, a reinforcing filler and pigment used mainly in the rubber, plastics, paint, and ink industries. The report provides detailed coverage for 26 leading countries, as well as demand for 16 smaller national markets. 

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    3. Goodyear advances use of rice silica

      Goodyear advances use of rice silica

      Akron, Ohio – Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has progressed with the use of rice husk ash (RHA) silica in its tires as a bio-alternative to traditional sand-based silica.

      The company started the production of rice-silica tires at its factory in Pulandian, china in 2015, using silica, provided by Yihai Food and Oil Industry.

      In its 2018 corporate responsibility report, Goodyear said it had introduced RHA silica in ‘several of its global manufacturing facilities over the past two years.’

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    4. Great opportunities for SR in advanced materials

      The global SR industry continues to drive on growth of the automotive and tyre industries which are undergoing major transformations towards autonomous, electrical, connected, and shared mobility, which means more opportunities for advanced materials. Also in the medical sector, design of high-tech materials is also opening up, challenging opportunities for the SR industry.

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    5. 3M Canada Announces New Leadership

      3M Canada Announces New Leadership

      3M Canada has announced the appointment of Craig Jalbert to the position of Business Leader, Automotive Aftermarket Division, effective from July 1.

      Jalbert steps into his new role with 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. He has worked in several key management positions in sales and marketing in 3M Canada’s Automotive Aftermarket Division. Before being promoted, Jalbert was serving as the Marketing Operations Manager.

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    6. “Supercombined” calendering line for tires

      “Supercombined” calendering line for tires

      One of the major tire manufacturer in the world commissioned from Rodolfo Comerio a new calendering line for its plant in India. Featuring a 1,900 mm wide calender, this “supercombined” calendering line will be able to produce rubberized textile cords and inner liners, with the possibility to prearrange it for the future production of rubberized steel cord.

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    7. Firestone, Dow contribute to energy modeling tool

      Firestone, Dow contribute to energy modeling tool

      MIDLAND, Mich.—Dow will collaborate with Firestone Building Products L.L.C. to create an energy modeling tool for analysis of the use of polyurethane roofing insulation from Firestone.

      The tool will accurately describe reductions in cost, energy and greenhouse gas emissions of commercial structures using the Isogard-brand insulation material, according to a Firestone news release.

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    8. Hillenbrand to buy Milacron in $2 billion deal

      Hillenbrand to buy Milacron in $2 billion deal

      BATESVILLE, Ind.—Hillenbrand Inc., the Batesville-based parent company of compounding extruder maker Coperion and auxiliary equipment firms K-Tron and Rotex, is buying Milacron Holdings Corp. in a cash and stock deal valued at about $2 billion.

      Executives of both companies said one key area will be in extruders, making a combined, stronger and more diversified company.

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    9. Latin Tyre Expo Wraps Up 10th Anniversary Convention

      Latin Tyre Expo Wraps Up 10th Anniversary Convention

      The 10th-anniversary edition of the Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo took place June 26-28 in the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama, Rep. of Panama.

      Almost 200 exhibitors were present and displayed a wide array of products such as new and used tires, retreading, tire equipment, tire repair, tire casings and much more.

      The inaugural ceremony was headed by the Honorable Wei Qiang, ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Panama, and Wang Jian, the first secretary.

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    10. Wacky World of Rubber: Where the rubber meets the road?

      Wacky World of Rubber: Where the rubber meets the road?

      One of the most iconic phrases found in our industry is "Where the rubber meets the road." Now it's probably because of the time I grew up, but I seem to think this phrase only should apply to the old Firestone commercials, which are iconic in their own right.

      But of course, that's not the case. The phrase has been brought into our culture and isn't owned by just Firestone and its jingle, and it's famous ending, "The name that's known is Firestone, where the rubber meets the road."

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    11. In 2019 a turnover decline of up to 10% is expected

      In 2018, the German plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers generated a turnover plus of 2% again compared to the previous-year period. “The growth rate of 3% originally predicted for 2018 could not be reached. Nevertheless, we are pleased about the positive all-year results as in particular towards the end of the year, deterioration of the market became already apparent", explains Ulrich Reifenhäuser, Chairman of VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery.

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    12. Future Tire: Tires could give new life to packaging waste

      Future Tire: Tires could give new life to packaging waste

      Cologne, Germany – Recycled styrene from plastic waste streams has the capability to be “upcycled” in tires, according to Sandra Hofmann, global technology & innovation director, synthetic rubber, Trinseo.

      “The question is, how to transform from a linear production model to something which enables the circular economy,” said Hofmann, during a presentation to Future Tire Conference 2019, held in Cologne, 11-12 June.

      Polystyrene, according to Hofmann, has “a very unique feature” in that it…

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    13. BMW joins Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber

      MUNICH, Germany—German car maker BMW A.G. has joined the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber, a coalition of stakeholders from across the natural rubber value-chain, including many major tire makers.

      The move is a "rather logical approach," considering the amount of rubber used in the automotive industry, the Munich-based company said.

      "BMW needs around 24,000 (metric) tons of rubber a year for tires alone," the company said, noting this decision links to its efforts to combat climate change.

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    14. Kenda moving U.S. order production out of China

      Kenda moving U.S. order production out of China

      CHANGHUA, Taiwan—Amid U.S. tariff angst, Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd. is transferring some of its tire production from China factories to other Asian areas.

      "Kenda has many tire manufacturing facilities in Asia, we can offer productions from different factories to cover demands from customers in a different part of the world," Chairman Jimmy Yang said.

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    15. LabsCubed automated polymer testing system garners top prize at Startup Stadium competition

      LabsCubed automated polymer testing system garners top prize at Startup Stadium competition

      An automated polymer testing system and associated software developed by LabsCubed (Kitchener, ON) sufficiently impressed judges to walk away with the top prize at the first Startup Stadium competition today at PLAST-EX and the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo in Toronto. 

      The tabletop CubeOne system accelerates physical testing of polymers and improves consistency by eliminating human error. It accommodates various sample shapes and sizes and tests tensile and tear strength. “Compared with vertical universal testing machines, where the technician runs a test, waits, and runs the next test, the CubeOne automates the process,” explained Ammar Jafar, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of the company. “The technician loads the tray with 12 samples, loads the tray in the machine and presses start. The technician can now walk away and perform a value-added task rather than wait around.”


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    16. Kumho's Jong-Hoon Baek elected president of the IISRP

      Kumho's Jong-Hoon Baek elected president of the IISRP

      SEATTLE— Jong-Hoon Baek, an executive vice president for Kumho Petrochemicals, was elected president of the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers for 2019-20.He will succeed Brian Chapman, who will become the institute's past–president international.

      Baek, who was elected at the association's 60th annual general meeting on May 15, has a range of experience in the polymer industry from roles he has had in technical, marketing and sales areas, in addition to senior management positions he has held.

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    17. Toyoda Gosei to set up engineering, sales office in U.S.

      KIYOSU, Japan—Automotive supplier Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd. is planning to establish a satellite engineering and sales office in Dublin, Ohio, to speed up its product development process in the U.S.

      The office will serve as a regional headquarters for Toyoda Gosei North America Corp., which is based in Troy, Michigan. Certain functions, including design and sales of interior products and airbags, will be relocated from TGNA's head office in Troy to the Dublin unit, which is set for operation in July.

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