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    1. Yokohama claims world’s first technology that enables production of butadiene from biomass

      Yokohama claims to have developed the world’s first technology to enable the efficient production of butadiene from biomass. The breakthrough is said to have been achieved at the Bio-monomer Production Laboratory, a facility jointly established by Yokohama, Riken and Zeon. Butadiene is one of the core raw materials needed to produce synthetic rubber for automotive tires.

      At present, industrial butadiene is produced as a by-product of naphtha pyrolysis. Thus, the development of a butadiene production technology will help reduce dependence on petroleum and cut COemissions.

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    2. China Approves Restructuring of Sinochem and ChemChina

      China gave approval for a restructuring of Sinochem Group and ChemChina Group, two companies that have been long the target of merger speculation.

      The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, which regulates the companies, announced the approval late Wednesday in a one-line statement. In a separate statement, Sinochem said the two firms will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of a new holding company, operated by SASAC. 

      The move “will further optimize resource allocation, strengthen innovation and stimulate business growth,” Sinochem said. It will also aid the development of the chemical industry in China, it said.

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    3. Versalis and Bridgestone JV in developing innovative elastomers for tyres

      Versalis, Eni’s chemical company, a leader in the production and marketing of elastomers, and Bridgestone EMIA, a leader in advanced mobility solutions, have signed a joint development agreement for the research, production and supply of synthetic rubber with advanced properties.

      The Research and Development divisions of the two organizations will collaborate, using an Open Innovation model, to develop technologies and new elastomer grades, including Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), for the production of high-performance tyres. Versalis will leverage the expertise of its Research Center at Ravenna and Ferrara, while Bridgestone will use its Technical Center Europe near Rome.

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    4. Natural Rubber from Sunflowers for Alternative Rubber Crops

      ...For some time now, David Woodburn has viewed sunflowers as hope for the future! Woodburn is CEO of Edison Agrosciences. In 2020, the St. Louis-based biotechnology startup produced its first sheet of natural rubber from sunflower leaves. The sunflower rubber was produced from sunflowers grown in a lab at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. Woodburn said as far as he knows, it’s the world’s first sample of natural rubber produced from sunflower leaves. Edison Agrosciences used gene editing technology to increase a sunflower’s natural rubber production for extraction.

      “Adding more rubber producing genes to the sunflower plant,” said Woodburn. “It’s not just natural rubber, but it’s also the type of natural rubber, like molecular weight. We may be able to design what type of natural rubber the plant produces by altering the genes.”...


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    5. LafargeHolcim, other producers innovating their way to low carbon concrete

      ...From making use of approximately 3,000 tonnes of end-of-life tires at its Brookfield, N.S cement plant each year, to utilizing roughly 100,000 tonnes of waste typically bound for landfills each year at its facility in Richmond, B.C., co-processing has come to play an important role in trimming carbon dioxide emissions at Lafarge plants. Across its global operations since 1990, LafargeHolcim has reduced emissions by 25 per cent per tonne of cement produced. 


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    6. Free Webinar: Sarnia – The Birthplace of Canada’s Synthetic Rubber Industry

      This is the story of a Canadian Crown Corporation birthed during the second world war to provide much-needed synthetic rubber for Canada and its allies. It describes its development following WW II as it became a major player in the production of synthetic rubber globally. This involved the need to combat prejudices against synthetic rubber, and the development/production of many different types of synthetic rubber. Along the way ownership changed many times, starting as Polymer Corporation and with the latest owner being Arlanxeo. Along the way, it received many awards, including one of the ten best Canadian Engineering achievements of the previous 100 years.

      Date: March 18, 2021 2:00 pm (ET)


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    7. The wonder material we all need but is running out

      ...rubber is deemed to be a commodity of such global importance that it is included on the EU's list of critical raw materials.

      Unfortunately, there are signs the world might be running out of natural rubber. Disease, climate change and plunging global prices have put the world's rubber supplies into jeopardy. It has led scientists to search for a solution before it's too late.

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    8. Orion Engineered Carbons to Increase Acetylene Black Pricing

      HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Orion Engineered Carbons S.A. (NYSE: OEC), a worldwide supplier of specialty and high-performance carbon black, today announced that it will increase pricing for acetylene black.

      Following the acquisition of its acetylene black plant in France, the company adjusted the facility’s strategic focus, requiring new investments to better serve the growing market demand for acetylene black used in lithium-ion battery production. In addition to these strategic investments, the company has also been confronted with rising costs for packaging, transportation and environmental obligations.

      Against this backdrop Orion will raise its acetylene black prices by 20 percent globally on March 1st, 2021, or as contracts allow.

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    9. Michelin Wins Sustainability Award for Natural Rubber Sustainable Supply Chain

      SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 17 December 2020 - Michelin has won the 'Smart Mobility' award from the European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (EuroCham) at its inaugural EuroCham Sustainability Awards 2020, held virtually on November 17, 2020. The award recognized Michelin's continued efforts to ensure that its raw materials, in particular natural rubber, are sustainably and ethically sourced.

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    10. Nokian targets tire made from 100% recycled and renewable materials

      Nokian Tires says it intends to develop a tire concept that uses 100% recycled materials by 2025.

      “We develop our winter tires with decades of knowledge of winter conditions. Each new generation builds on the previous, as we are continuously learning and developing new ways to safely adapt to the changing world around us,” said Anu Moisio, brand manager for Nokian Tyres. 

      “We want the drivers who choose Nokian Tyres products to know that not only can they safeguard their families’ journeys with their tire choice, but that their decision will also respect the world we all live in.”

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    11. Bridgestone Leverages Big Data to Implement Optimal Plantation for Higher Yield in Para Rubber Tree Farms

      Bridgestone Leverages Big Data to Implement Optimal Plantation for Higher Yield in Para Rubber Tree Farms

      Bridgestone Corporation announced that it has developed an optimization system for Para rubber tree plantation that utilizes big data to contribute to higher yield at rubber farms. Rubber farms deploy different clones of trees across vast areas and face various management issues, such as how to optimize the number of trees in a planting area and harvest procedures.

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    12. US Trinseo cuts dividend, mulls synthetic-rubber sale

      HOUSTON (ICIS)--Trinseo is cutting its quarterly dividend to 8 cents/share, suspending its share repurchase programme, and is considering the sale of its synthetic rubber business, the US-based styrenics producer said on Monday. ...

      ... Meanwhile, Trinseo is exploring the possible divestment of its synthetic-rubber business.

      “Our synthetic-rubber business is a very valuable asset and there are significant growth opportunities in the tyre market," Frank A. Bozich, President and CEO, said in a statement. "However, we believe the industry continues to evolve and there are other parties who can better capitalise on these growth opportunities.”

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    13. Tire Maker Michelin Rolling Toward Greener Future

      Extending the usable life of a tire is part of Michelin’s overall sustainability strategy, says Alexis Garcin, chairman and president of Michelin North America. In addition, the company is working to develop new sources of biomaterials.

      Hydrogen is emerging as part of Michelin’s business plan for the next decade as it maneuvers to maintain a sustainable course through a rapidly changing mobility landscape.

      The tire maker already has built its first zero-emission plant as part of a broad effort within the company to become carbon neutral by 2050, Alexis Garcin, chairman and president of Michelin North America, says during a webinar sponsored by the North American International Auto Show.

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    14. Smithers Announces New Supervisor of Product Testing

      Shropshire, UK – Smithers, a leading provider of testing, consulting, information, and compliance services, recently appointed Kyle Jaggers as Supervisor of Product Testing. Jaggers will be responsible for the running of Smithers’ UK Product Testing laboratory to support the needs of clients, primarily focused around the transportation sector.
      Based at Smithers’ Shropshire, UK laboratories, Jaggers will guide the Product Testing team with his diverse industry experience and will deliver the organisation’s commitment to understanding and meeting clients’ needs with tailored support and accurate data, on time.

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    15. Re-Inventing the Wheel: How CEOs Are Driving the Sustainable Tire of the Future

      ... Back in 2005 a group of leading tire company CEOs set out to study a range of tire lifecycle issues on an organized basis.

      The idea gave birth to the Tire Industry Project. Organized as a voluntary collaboration under the umbrella of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the group’s membership is currently comprised of 11 major tire companies and co-led by Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin.

      “The main role of TIP is to generate knowledge and science related to human health and environmental impacts,” Director Anne Cécile Rémont told TriplePundit. “TIP came from CEOs who realized that if they mutualized their efforts, it would be more efficient, and they would achieve a much greater impact.”


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    16. ECO Green Equipment announces new sales representatives in Europe

      ECO Green Equipment – one of the leading end-of-life tire recycling equipment manufacturers and technology suppliers worldwide – has announced updates to its European sales team. Alejandro Grases and Ricardo Ayala recently joined ECO Green Equipment as sales representatives and from now on represent the European branch of the company.

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    17. BASF to increase price for diols and derivatives in North America

      FLORHAM PARK, NJ, September 1, 2020 – Effective October 1, 2020 or as existing contracts permit, BASF Corporation will increase prices in North America for 1,4-Butanediol (BDO) and derivatives.

      Product                                                                     Price Increase

      1,4- Butanediol (BDO)                                              $0.05 / lb

      Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL)                                   $0.05 / lb

      Tetrahydrofuran (THF)                                               $0.07 / lb

      N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP)                                      $0.05 / lb

      Polytetramethylene ether glycol (PolyTHF®)             $0.07 / lb

      BDO and its derivatives are used for producing engineering plastics, polyurethanes, solvents and elastic spandex fibers.


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    18. Toyoda Gosei and University of Tokyo develop material crosslinking technology for tougher synthetic rubber

      Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. and the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo have developed material crosslinking technology that enhances the toughness of synthetic rubber. They will present the technology at the 29th Polymer Material Forum, to be held online on November 26 and 27.

      This new technology enhances the toughness of the synthetic rubber approximately six-fold by integrating a polyrotaxane into the chemical structure of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber. Polyrotaxanes have a unique molecular structure that enables great material flexibility.* The company will continue to develop this technology for various practical applications.

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    19. Cabot Corporation Expands Engineered Elastomer Composites (E2C™)

      BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cabot Corporation today announced the launch of its latest Engineered Elastomer Composites (E2C™) product, FX9390, part of the new E2C Foundation series of solutions that delivers multidimensional performance for a variety of tire types. FX9390 is formulated to deliver significant performance improvement balanced across cut/chip/chunk resistance, heat buildup and abrasion resistance in off-the-road mining tires.

      When combined with other E2C solutions, FX9390 provides mining customers with flexibility for tire compound formulation within a wide design space.

      “We are proud to expand our E2C solutions portfolio with the launch of our first Foundation series product. FX9390 presents a high performance elastomer composite solution for OTR mining and retreading applications that enables customers to quickly develop and launch new tires with performance improvements in multiple dimensions,” explained David Reynolds, vice president and general manager, Cabot Engineered Elastomer Composites. “We are particularly excited about the design freedom afforded ...

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    20. Michelin and Pyrowave Join Forces to Industrialize an Innovative Plastic Waste Recycling Technology

      November 18, 2020, Montréal–Clermont-Ferrand — The Canadian firm Pyrowave proudly announces a joint development agreement with the Michelin Group. Through the Pyrowave developed technology, it is possible to generate recycled styrene from plastics found in packaging, insulation panels and/or household appliances. This recycled styrene is an important monomer*: it is used in the production of polystyrene and synthetic rubber for tires and a large number of consumer products. 


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    21. Bridgestone Unveils “A Layered Journey” Sustainability Campaign

      Bridgestone Unveils “A Layered Journey” Sustainability Campaign

      Bridgestone, a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, has announced today a new campaign inviting partners to participate in building a stronger society. In A Layered Journey, Bridgestone highlights ways the company is incorporating sustainability in its value chain with a focus on its commitment to sustainable procurement of natural rubber.

      The campaign travels from the forest where rubber trees are tapped for latex, continuing through production where recycled materials are incorporated into new tires, toward innovation that can extend product lifecycles and uncover circular uses for materials.  


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    22. USTMA finds that recycling of end-of-life tires has stalled

      USTMA finds that recycling of end-of-life tires has stalled

      While tires remain one of the most recycled products in the U.S., end-of-life markets are not keeping pace with the annual generation of scrap tires, a new report released by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) reveals.

      The 2019 Scrap Tire Management Report – USTMA’s 14th – reveals that almost 76% of scrap tires were recycled in products such as rubber modified asphalt, the manufacturing of automotive products and mulch for landscaping and other products, and tire-derived fuel in 2019. This is down from 96% in 2013, when scrap tire recycling peaked.

      “Three decades after we successfully eliminated 94 ...

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