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    1. Yokohama Tire’s New Consumer e-Store is Open for Business

      SANTA ANA, CA. – (Apr. 19, 2021) – Yokohama Tire has partnered with Tangerine Promotions on a new, consumer e-store filled with fresh Yokohama-branded gear. The e-store, located at https://merchandise.yokohamatire.com/ is now open for business. Products on the new site include Yokohama merchandise and apparel for men, women and children.

      “The consumer demand for Yokohama-branded items continues to grow,” said Alan Holtschneider, Yokohama’s director of marketing. “That’s why we’re excited about the launch of the new e-store and the innovative promotional products that will appeal to both an automotive enthusiast audience and our loyal customers as well. The new and improved selection of products on the easy-to-use site has been entirely updated and is much wider than before, offering something for everyone.”

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    2. Michelin launches new agricultural tires

      Michelin has announced the launch of its latest range of tires aimed at the agricultural market. The Agribib Row Crop IF (Improved Flexion) tires will be manufactured at the company’s Troyes plant in France and have been specifically designed for use on self-propelled and trailered sprayers, as well as on low- to medium-horsepower row crop tractors ranging from 70ps to 182ps.

      All of the tires in the range use Michelin’s Ultraflex technology, which creates a larger tire footprint to help protect soil against compaction and improves traction at the same time. They also feature strengthened sidewalls to enable them to operate at lower air pressures. The design aims to protect soil and improve crop yield and productivity.

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    3. Yokohama Tire introduces the new Galaxy LHD 510 SDS traction tire

      Yokohama Tire has released the new Galaxy LHD 510 SDS (Severe Duty Solid) tire, a new solid galaxy traction tire that combines grip and endurance on transfer station loaders.

      The Galaxy LHD 510 SDS is a true traction tire, designed to provide substantially more grip in varying conditions than smooth tires can deliver. The deep grooves on the shoulder define massive tread blocks that bite through water or mud, while continuous S-lug channels create a horizontal pattern across the entire tread surface to ensure maximum traction, preventing the tire from spinning on wet surfaces.

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    4. Pirelli Launches Powergy Summer Tire

      Pirelli’s Powergy used advanced virtual reality systems to attain its performance goals.

      These new processes have allowed the tread pattern and tire profile to be optimised, maximising the contact patch.

      This contact patch is balanced, with uniform pressure across it to reduce braking distances and enhance the car’s controllability and driving precision.These aspects are matched to compounds with specific polymers, to improve wet braking and tire life.

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    5. Apollo claims ‘breakthrough’ in cross-ply tire performance

      To further strengthen its position in the Indian market, especially in the commercial vehicle (CV) segment, Apollo Tyres has introduced what it describes as a “breakthrough product in cross-ply technology”. The company hopes that the launch of the Apollo Abhimanyu, a cross-ply rib tire for steer axles in CVs, will help it capitalize on the upsurge in the cross-ply industry in recent months in India.

      Apollo says it has tested the new tire for more than 2,500,000km, both at the company’s indoor testing facilities as well as in real-time conditions across all applications. Designed and developed at Apollo Tyres’ Global R&D Centre Asia, in Chennai, the tire is currently being produced at the company’s manufacturing unit in Perambra, Kerala. Apollo states that it intends to create a new benchmark in performance in the steer tire space, where the adoption of radials is lagging and bias ...

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    6. Continental expands General Tire portfolio for Earthmoving Industry

      Continental is expanding its General Tire portfolio for the earthmoving industry with the General TE95 tire. The tire impresses with high traction, especially for soil compaction work in road and construction applications, and, like the entire product line, is equipped with V.ply technology. With this expansion, the General Tire tire portfolio grows to a total of 18 tire specifications for the earthmoving industry. The first General Tire earthmoving tires were launched in early 2020 - the portfolio now includes a total of 14 sizes, which are used on wheel loaders and dozers as well as on dump trucks and scrapers.


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    7. Hankook enters trailer tire market

      Hankook has entered the trailer tire market with the introduction of the Vantra Trailer range, consisting of a standard trailer tire and the high-load TH31 variant.

      The Vantra Trailer will be released in nine sizes, while the Vantra Trailer for high loads (TH31) will be released in three. The tires are intended for use on vehicles such as campers, fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers, flatbed/hauling trailers, boat trailers and horse trailers.

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    8. Cooper Introduces New All-Terain Discoverer Rugged Trek Tire

      Cooper Tires has announced its new Discoverer Rugged Trek tire is now available for dealer orders. The Discoverer Rugged Trek is an all-season truck and SUV tire made for off-road while offering on-road performance for everyday use. The Discoverer Rugged Trek possesses a long-lasting warranty of up to 60,000 miles (about 96 560 km).

      The new Discoverer Rugged Trek offers drivers a choice between two upper sidewall designs, one on each side of the tire. Both sides offer long, deep cleats for off-road traction, as well as bold, black raised lettering in every size – a first for any Cooper tire line on the market.

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    9. Kumho announces new tire for light commercial vehicles and vans

      Kumho has released details of its latest product for the European market. The PorTran 4S CX11 all-season tire for light commercial vehicles and vans combines features of the company’s previous tires, the SOLUS 4S HA32 for passenger cars and the winter PorTran CW11 van tire.

      Kumho says that a combination of cutting-edge compounds and advanced tread design will optimize contact pressure with the road, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption and giving the tire excellent braking characteristics and performance in all weather conditions. 

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    10. SMART and NASA Announce First Airless Alloy Tire for Consumers

      “Shape memory alloys look extremely promising in revolutionizing the entire terrestrial tire industry,” says Santo Padula, PhD, Materials Science Engineer at NASA, “and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”


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    11. Yokohama Tires Now Eligible For $70 Spring 2021 Rebate

      Langley, British Columbia (March 15, 2021) For the increasing number of motorists opting for car-like utility vehicles, Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. is providing them with sure-footed all-season traction and handling with the brand-new GEOLANDAR CV™ G058.

      Available in 33 sizes, ranging from 16 to 20 inches, the new addition to the GEOLANDAR line will fit the proliferation of globally-produced crossovers, small SUVs and minivans in today’s marketplace, endowing them with the year-round traction and handling their owners expect. ...

      ...The $70-rebate also applies to other GEOLANDAR products (G055, H/T G056, X-CV G057, A/T G015, X-AT G016, M/T G003 and X-MT G005), as well as ADVAN tires (APEX, SPORT A/S+, NEOVA, FLEVA, SPORT V105 and SPORT V105 ZPS), select AVID ASCEND tires (GT and LX) and the PARADA SPEC X. The AVID TOURING-S is eligible for a $50 rebate.

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    12. BKT releases new heavy-load tire

      BKT has announced the release of its new Earthmax SR 412 OTR tire, set for use on construction vehicles such as articulated dumper trucks, loaders and bulldozers.

      The tire features increased stability attributes and uprated damage resistance due to a robust all-steel casing belt, enabling the Earthmax SR 412 to transport heavier payloads and avoid punctures and tears. Changes have also been made to the tread pattern, which now features E4 depth alongside a square shoulder to increase traction, grip, high-heat resistance and vehicle maneuverability.

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    13. Cabot Corporation Expands Engineered Elastomer Composites (E2C™) Line with First Product for Use in Industrial Rubber Products

      BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cabot Corporation today announced the launch of its latest Engineered Elastomer Composites (E2C™) product, E2C™ DZ8650, part of the Durability series of solutions that is designed to reduce in-field failures and maximize operational uptime. DZ8650 is formulated to deliver breakthrough improvements in erosion and wet abrasion resistance, as well as mechanical strength in mining rubber applications including slurry pumps, hydrocyclones and rubber pipes.

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    14. Michelin Tweel Solves Labor Downtime for Home Depot Rental Division

      GREENVILLE, S.C., March 2, 2021 — Working with the Michelin Tweel product team, the rental division of Home Depot found a permanent solution for  its rapidly broadening DIY and Pro-customer fleet portfolio of the popular ZTR mowers by outfitting them with the MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® Turf airless radial caster and tires. ...

      As of last fall, the full conversion for both rear-drive tire assemblies and front casters was made at Home Depot across the U.S. The solution has resulted in the elimination of every single service call, downtime and negative customer experience based on tires as the root cause. The technician labor hours, which had been in the hundreds of hours, and the parts cost, which had been in the tens of thousands, have been eliminated.



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    15. BFGoodrich Launches Advantage Control Tire

      BFGoodrich Tires is launching the BFGoodrich® Advantage™ Control™ tire, delivering all-season traction and handling for today’s passenger cars, crossovers, and minivans.

      Aiming to give drivers peace of mind, the Advantage Control features design and compound improvements, which provide better performance over the competition. The tire will launch in Canada on March 1, and in the U.S. and Mexico on April 1.

      “By listening to the needs of both our dealers and consumers, BFGoodrich has improved everyday driving,” said Sylvaine Cuniberti, Marketing Director, Canada. “Whether it is taking a family road trip or visiting a place that brings a sense of escape, BFGoodrich is there to help create long-lasting memories,” states Sylvaine Cuniberti.


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    16. Understanding Green Tire Chemistry

      Traditionally, if a tire was designed to advance performance in one area, it often meant a compromise in others…

      Vehicle OEMs are currently looking to maximize fuel efficiency as much as possible, yet customers want traction and handling. Since tires are the only part of the vehicle that’s directly connected to the road surface, engineering them to excel in these different areas is no small feat.

      To help understand the chemistry involved in making a tire that’s able to advance in these different areas, Smithers hosted a webinar series delving into what’s behind so-called green tire technology.

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    17. Continental Recalling Some Conti, General, Barum Tires

      Continental Tire the Americas, LLC. is recalling certain Continental, General and Barum brand tires sold as original or replacement equipment.

      According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the affected tires were cured for too long during production. Over cured tires may develop a break in the sidewall resulting in sudden air loss or a belt edge separation which could lead to a tread/belt loss. Either condition can cause a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.

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    18. Yokohama Rubber Testing a System for Tire and Road-Surface Sensing

      Tokyo—The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.; Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.; and Zenrin Co., Ltd., are conducting pilot testing with connecting data obtained from an Internet of Things (IoT) tire fitted with a road surface sensing system to map data and have begun studying new tire business.

      This pilot testing involves conducting road-surface sensing with a test vehicle equipped with an advanced tire sensor that is being developed jointly by Yokohama Rubber and Alps Alpine. Connecting the road surface sensing data possessed by the tire sensor to the abundant map data possessed by Zenrin will speed progress in analyzing and accumulating diverse road-surface data and in building a system, and the partners are eyeing the realization of tire business that will consist of proposing new value-added.

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    19. Falken Launches New Studless Winter Performance Tires

      RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA – Falken Tires, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., and highly regarded for its multiple lines of high-performance tires in every category, has introduced the new Eurowinter HS01 and HS01 SUV Studless Winter Performance Tire, offering excellent winter traction for today’s sedans, coupes, SUVs and CUVs.
      Developed to perform in the harshest winter conditions, the Eurowinter HS01 offers an improved tread compound over its predecessor, the Eurowinter HS449, enabling drivers accustomed to snow on roadways to perform even more effectively, thanks to the Eurowinter tire line’s confident grip and its predictable performance in ice and snow.

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    20. Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is recalling certain Mastercraft Grand Touring Tires

      Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is recalling certain Cooper CS5 Grand Touring 225/55R17 and Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring 225/55R17 tires with DOT codes 2920 through 0121.

      The tires may have low tread gauge in the shoulder slot area which could cause tread separation and sidewall failure, the National Highway Traffic Association Says says.

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    21. Pirelli’s intelligent tires to come as OE tire on the McLaren Artura

      Pirelli will supply intelligent tires equipped with sensors for the first time on the McLaren Artura.

      Pirelli’s Cyber Tire system, made up of a sensor in each tire, gathers vital data for safe driving, linked to software integrated into the car’s onboard computer. Cyber Tire technology offers a plethora of information to the car and driver: the tire’s ‘passport’ – the type of tire, whether it’s a winter or summer version, prescribed pressure, load index and speed rating – as well as current running information, such as temperature and pressure.

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    22. Trelleborg to expand EMR radial tire range for loaders and dumpers

      Trelleborg Wheel Systems has released the newest additions to its EMR range of earthmover radial tires for critical construction applications.

      New tire sizes for the EMR 1042 and EMR 1051 ranges will be released on to the market in early 2021, offering better productivity, increased rider comfort and extended tire life.

      Marcello Mantovani, Product Manager Construction at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Much like our EMR1025 All-Season tire, the expanded EMR range showcases the cutting-edge design and engineering that goes into our specialty tires for industrial applications. As an industry leader in the specialized tire market, Trelleborg continuously seeks new solutions that enhance our customers’ productivity. Both the EMR 1042 and EMR 1051 tires offer superior traction, enhanced damage protection and durability, plus a reinforced carcass and sidewall protection to extend tire life and increase rider comfort.”

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