1. American-Canadian Tour (ACT) switches to Hoosier Tire

    American-Canadian Tour (ACT) switches to Hoosier Tire

    The American-Canadian Tour’s (ACT) officially sanctioned series and tracks will be switching to Hoosier Tires starting with the Community Bank N.A. 150 at Thunder Road on Sunday, May 2.

    ACT Late Models will run a new 8-inch tire specially designed and built for the division. The tire is the result of extensive testing by Hoosier Tire and ACT that focused on reliability and overall performance.

    The tires cost $130 each, the same price as the 8-inch American Racer tire the class had been using.

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    1. We think this is the start of a great partnership.
    2. Over the last 40 years I have see this series grow each and every year.
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