1. Amyris - A Juggernaut In The Making

    Amyris - A Juggernaut In The Making

    Amyris is the leader in biomanufacturing. Biomanufacturing has enormous potential. Recent developments eliminate the need for dilution. Amyris - The Long Term View Amyris Inc. (NASDAQ: AMRS ) has had a long and tumultuous history. The company's first project was to engineer microbes to produce artemisinin, a cure for malaria. It then ventured on to produce fuels the same way, which made sense with 2007 oil prices, but does not make commercial sense today.

    Having largely divested its fuels business, the company now focuses on higher margin products. It produces molecules for fragrances and cosmetics, nutraceuticals, drugs, tire rubber and more. Their current gross margin is over 58% (source). Moreover, they are experiencing huge product sales growth. In the past two quarters, Amyris achieved product sales growth of over 45%, after having double-digit growth rates for the prior three quarters. In Q2 2016, product sales reached $4.9M, while total revenue ...

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