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    2. Ensure you and your vehicle are up to speed this winter

      Weather plays a huge factor [in accidents], but its not an excuse, says Sgt. Brett Moore of the Toronto Police Service. On a wintry day, numerous crashes happen, varying in severity. However, not everyone is aware of what to do if they're involved in an accident. Officers say the first step should be a given: to abide by the provincial slogan Steer it to Clear it. Especially if youre ...
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    3. Nokian Tyres Introduces New Hakkapeliitta 10 Winter Tire

      Nokian Tyres Introduces New Hakkapeliitta 10 Winter Tire
      Nokian Tyres is releasing what the company calls its new flagship product: the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 10 studded tire for passenger cars and SUVs. The company says the tires double-stud technology is suitable for all winter conditions and offers balanced grip and controlled handling on ice, snow, and bare roads alike.
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    4. Just the Facts - multiple reasons why it’s beneficial to have winter tires.

      The 1950s police drama Dragnet inspired several catch phrases including The story you are about to see is true, We were working the day watch, and my personal favourite Just the facts, maam. Apparently, Sergeant Joe Friday, a fictional character created and portrayed by Jack Webb, never actually said Just the facts, maam but somehow it stuck. What is sticking in my mind these days are important facts related to ...
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    5. Why you need to get winter tires

      ...One of the most common winter rituals is switching all-season and summer performance tires out in favour of those designed specifically for winter driving. The reasons for doing so might appear obvious, given Canadian winters are quite long and cold with heavy snowfall accumulation, but Im going to outline the main benefits of winter tire use along with other factors to consider when making the switch.
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    6. The Cold, Hard Facts About Winter Tires & What Snowbirds Need to Know to Stay Safe While Wintering in Canada

      Long, cold, snowy winters are familiar to most Canadians, except perhaps those who would typically head to warmer climates around this time of year. But, border closures, travel restrictions and safe choices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 mean most snowbirds are staying north of the border this year. Many Vancouver Island campgrounds are reporting unprecedented winter bookings with several managing waitlists to accommodate the influx of those looking for ...
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    7. Hankook launches all-weather Kinergy 4S2 tire for the US Market

      Hankook launches all-weather Kinergy 4S2 tire for the US Market
      Hankook Tire announced it has launched its all-weather Kinergy 4S2 in the North American market. The IF Design Award-winning Kinergy 4S2 features excellent dry, wet and snow performance complete with a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. The Kinergy 4S2 will be offered in rim diameters between 15-20 inches and will carry a 60K mile warranty, road hazard warranty and 30-day free trial.
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    1. Being involved with a brand that truly understands the needs of its customers is important to me, and I'm excited to help Bridgestone educate drivers on the safety benefits of Blizzak winter tires.
      In New Bridgestone Brand Campaign Uses All-Pro Athletes, Humor to Demonstrate Trusted Tire Performance
    2. Drivers adopting winter tires in record numbers is fabulous news because it means Canada's roadways in winter are becoming significantly safer.
    3. It is surprising that they don't have more winter tires available.
      In Want winter tires on your rental car? Good luck