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    2. Continental launches high-mileage, low-consumption truck tires for regional use

      Automotive manufacturer Continental has launched its latest haulage tire range, the EcoRegional, which the company claims has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of hauliers vehicles in regional transportation applications. According the Continental, high efficiency is achieved thanks to a new manufacturing process in combination with a new tread design for the steering axle coupled with a rubber compound optimized for rolling resistance for the drive axle.
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    3. Michelin redesigns X One Line Energy T2 trailer tire

      Michelin North America, Inc. is launching the redesigned Michelin X One Line Energy T2 tire for the line-haul market. The trailer-wheel position is a challenging position for long-haul tire design. The free-rolling wheel position is subject to variable loads, less maintenance and irregular wear, said Adam Murphy, vice president of B2B marketing at Michelin North America. This new Michelin X One Line Energy T2 product delivers both improved tread wear ...
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    1. The DOE funding validates what our preliminary research already has shown — that Agilon performance silica has significant potential as a next-generation filler to help increase truck tire fuel efficiency.
      In PPG, Bridgestone to work on fuel efficiency
    2. Our partnership with PPG was created for our customers, We are constantly working to deliver innovative solutions that not only align with our company's environmental mission but will also carry cost saving benefits for our truck and bus radial tire customers.
      In PPG, Bridgestone to work on fuel efficiency
    3. Pirelli's strategy for car and light truck products in North America is focused on premium products customized for the particular needs of the market.
      In Pirelli plans to sell truck tires in North America