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    2. Improved Michelin tire geared for vans, pickups, and light trucks

      Michelin unveiled its all-new Agilis 3 tire, designed specifically for light commercial vehicles including light trucks, vans, and pickups. During the online launch event, company executives explained how the need for sustainable mobility has been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic with logistics being a crucial cog of daily life. Michelin thus sees the newest iteration of the Agilis line as a decisive answer to the even more important role of ...
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    3. KAMAZ-master dominates first half of DAKAR 2021 on standard Goodyear OFFROAD ORD tyres

      On January 3rd, the 43rd Dakar started in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The so-called motorsport marathon covers over 7500 km and will end on January 15th. The infamous competition is also known as one of the toughest rallies in the world. ... Once more the standard Goodyear OFFROAD ORD tyres showcase their extraordinary performance in terms of grip and durability.
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    1. There is no letup in imports and dumping of radial tyres, especially truck & bus radials, from China. Such indiscriminate increase in imports has put the domestic operations in TBR in serious disarray.
      In TBR Import Up 40% in Q1 FY17; Chinese Import Continues to Dominate
    2. As many drivers transition to all-season tires this time of year, the Great Catch rebate promotion rewards consumers for purchasing Hankook's highest performing passenger or light truck tires.
      In Hankook Steps Up To The Plate With 2017 ‘Great Catch’ Rebate Promotion
    3. Each plant will have a capacity to process 19,300 tonnes of ELT's comprising a mix of passenger car, 4WD and truck tires.
      In Australian tire recycler plans to expand into the European market