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    2. Continental launches high-mileage, low-consumption truck tires for regional use

      Automotive manufacturer Continental has launched its latest haulage tire range, the EcoRegional, which the company claims has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency of hauliers vehicles in regional transportation applications. According the Continental, high efficiency is achieved thanks to a new manufacturing process in combination with a new tread design for the steering axle coupled with a rubber compound optimized for rolling resistance for the drive axle.
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    3. BASF signs agreements with New Energy for uptake of pyrolysis oil derived from waste tires and for a joint feasibility study

      ...eement, New Energy will supply BASF with up to 4,000 metric tons of pyrolysis oil per year derived from waste tires. In a pilot phase, first volumes of the pyrolysis oil have already been utilized successfully in BASFs i...
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    1. Conrad's knowledge of our company, experience in the tire industry, and strong relationship with R&D in Japan and the U.S. have helped generate a steady stream of exciting new products for Toyo Tires. His promotion to vice president is a direct reflection of his contributions to our success.
      In Toyo Tires Promotes Two Within Leadership Team
    2. Hankook's passion for their tires matches my passion for playing baseball.
      In Hankook Tire’s MLB ‘Never Halfway’ Campaign Returns
    3. As the only part of a vehicle that directly connects to the road, tires play a critical role in ensuring a safe journey.
      In Bridgestone reminds drivers about important role tires play in road safety