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    2. Vredestein Quatrac: New Evolution In Growing All-Season Segment

      In a European all-season segment that grew by 23% percent last year, Vredestein continues to evolve its products and underline its all-season expertise. After being the first brand to launch an all-season tyre for high-end performance cars in 2019 with the Quatrac Pro, the brand is now renewing its portfolio in the segment for smaller []
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    3. Hankook launches all-weather Kinergy 4S2 tire for the US Market

      Hankook launches all-weather Kinergy 4S2 tire for the US Market
      Hankook Tire announced it has launched its all-weather Kinergy 4S2 in the North American market. The IF Design Award-winning Kinergy 4S2 features excellent dry, wet and snow performance complete with a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating. The Kinergy 4S2 will be offered in rim diameters between 15-20 inches and will carry a 60K mile warranty, road hazard warranty and 30-day free trial.
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    4. Michelin redesigns X One Line Energy T2 trailer tire

      Michelin North America, Inc. is launching the redesigned Michelin X One Line Energy T2 tire for the line-haul market. The trailer-wheel position is a challenging position for long-haul tire design. The free-rolling wheel position is subject to variable loads, less maintenance and irregular wear, said Adam Murphy, vice president of B2B marketing at Michelin North America. This new Michelin X One Line Energy T2 product delivers both improved tread wear ...
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    5. New Giti GTR955 Combi Road tire

      New Giti GTR955 Combi Road tire
      The Giti GTR955 Combi Road tyre is being launched in three new 17.5 sizes, marking the first time Giti Tires latest truck and bus tyre technology has been available in smaller rims. Initially available in 215/75R17.5, it will be followed by the 235/75R17.5 and 245/70R17.5 in quarter four. The tyres are designed for regional and []
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    6. Michelin Previews Its 'Most Advanced' Passenger Tire

      Michelin North America Inc. recently provided a sneak preview of what Alexis Garcin, the company's chairman and president, calls "the most versatile and advanced passenger tire that Michelin has developed in more than two decades." The Michelin CrossClimate 2 made its debut during a July 22virtual launch event for Michelin tire dealers. The tire, whichwill boast nearly 80% consumer vehicle market coverage when its lineup is complete, "is ideal ...
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    7. Hankook introduces new Laufenn truck and bus tyres for UK market

      Hankook introduces new Laufenn truck and bus tyres for UK market
      Hankook has introduced a new line of Laufenn brand commercial vehicle tyres in the UK. With Laufenn the Korean tyre manufacturer targets the second tier of the market. Hankook initially launches Laufenn in the UK with nine patterns covering more than 85 per cent of tyres in the market for goods and people transportation, as well as construction truck tyres. Hankook adds that most sizes offer the three peak mountain ...
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    8. Triangle Tire Hires New Senior Development Engineer

      Triangle Tire Hires New Senior Development Engineer
      Longtime tire industry engineer Brad Wurst has accepted the position of senior development engineer of A3T, the technical center for Triangle Tire in Akron. Wurst joins Triangle Tire from a recent post at Smithers Materials Science and Engineering. His tire engineering experience includes 20 years with Bridgestone Americas and seven years with Cooper Tire, including a one-year stint as a TBR development engineer at Cooper Tires Shanghai facility.
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    9. Giti Tire announces new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire

      Giti Tire announces new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire
      Giti Tire launches the new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire to provide long mileage and a smooth, quiet ride for North American SUV and pickup truck owners. The new Adventuro HT showcases American Engineering by our US RD Center and high quality American manufacturing from our plant in South Carolina.
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    10. Trelleborg launches EMR1025 all-season construction tyre

      Trelleborg Wheel Systems will debut its EMR1025 all-season commercial tyre for loaders and graders. The manufacturer states that the tyre delivers premium damage protection and durability while adding extra comfort. Its is designed to be a suitable year-round fitment, providing enhanced grip on snow and ice. This offers a potential cost saving for operators, as it eliminates the cost and downtime of seasonal changeovers.
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    11. BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium

      BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium
      Two new models, the Maglift Eco and the Maglift Premium, are coming for Maglift, theBKTtire specifically designed for forklifts. Maglift Eco is made with two layers of rubber compound and has a shape and wide lugs for stability and load distribution, BKT says. There is also a rim guard designed to protect against damage and denting. Low rolling resistance and high resistance to overheating are designed to offer maximum efficiency ...
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    1. As the popularity of Giti Tire products continues to grow in Canada and the U.S., the product lineup, produced previously in Asia, will now be built exclusively in North-America, thus speeding up availability and distribution.
      In Giti Tire MAXTOUR LX Media Launch
    2. Our intention is to steward the legacy, reputation and brand name that Dunlop Aircraft Tyres has built over its 100-plus year lifetime to grow the company into an independent, global, diversified supplier of aircraft tire products of the highest value.
      In Dunlop Aircraft Tyres sold to Liberty Hall Capital Partners for US$135 million
    3. These public works projects help keep California waste tires out of our landfills and promote local markets for recycled tire products.
      In CalRecycle issues more than $11 million in tire recycling grants