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    2. New Issue of Tyre Trends Out Now (April-May)

      Editor's Note When we planned Tyre Testing as a special focus subject for this edition, we never expected that the Testing part would attain a new dimension. It did and it came out of the blue. The Testing has now gone beyond tyres and even the tyre industry. It has brought to include the entire global economy. That is what the COVID 19 pandemic has done to the world ...
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    3. Most of China’s tire makers resume production

      Most of China’s tire makers resume production
      Beijing Over 90% of Chinas tire makers had resumed production as of the end of February, and most of those companies had 80% employees returning to posts. Nevertheless, the facilities were running at an average of 45% utilisation rate, significantly lower compared with the same period a year ago, noted a China Rubber Industry Associations tire sub-committee.
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    1. Tire Technology Expo is a good place to come and share our latest research and innovation with experts working in the tire industry, and there are a lot of interesting topics covered at the conference.
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    2. The new Tennessee Plant signifies Hankook Tire's growing business in the United States and continued journey toward being a global leader in the tire industry.
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    3. Each year we look forward to welcoming all professionals in the earthmover tire industry from around the world to join us for our 4-day conference.
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