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    2. Continental Launches App for Commercial Tire Dealers, Fleets

      Continental Launches App for Commercial Tire Dealers, Fleets
      Continental has released a new mobile app, which the company says makes it easy to get information about Continental products. The tire and retread selector tool helps users choose the right tire based on fleet vocation, tire size and other factors. The dealer locator provides directions and contact information for nearby Continental dealers. The newsfeed keeps users up-to-date with the latest company news and new product launches.
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    3. Advanced Tires Market Projected To Hit $1,349.7 Mn By 2030 | Analysis, Sales Revenue, Key players & Future Investment

      ...implementation of its TPMS Plus (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) technology. Norfolk plans to implement this technology soon in its trailer fleet operation across the North American region. TMPS Plus is a technology tha...
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    4. Michelin planning to convert German tire plant to 'cleantech' park

      HALLSTADT, Germany Group Michelin plans to 'revitalize' the site of its tire plant in Hallstadt due to close by early 2021 by turning it into a 'clean-tech' light industry development center. Michelin disclosed in September 2019 it would shut the 49-year-old Hallstadt site by early 2021.
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    5. Continental launches high-mileage, low-consumption truck tires for regional use

      ...ept of the Continental Hybrid Gen 3 line but uses a new tread compound in the form of the company’s InterLock Technology. This is claimed to provide low rolling resistance without compromising mileage performance. Contin...
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    2. Technology is rapidly changing the automotive industry and tire innovation is playing a key role in this revolution.
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    3. The role of information technology and data is an integral part of our digital transformation and strategy.
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