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    2. CARB will regulate tire pressure starting in July 2010

      Last week, the California Air Resources Board - fresh from not banning black cars - adopted a regulation to force the 40,000 businesses in "California's automotive maintenance industry to check the tire pressure of every vehicle they service." This means that, starting in July of 2010, when you bring your car in for service in California, the shop will have to make sure that your tires filled to the manufacturer ...
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    3. Bridgestone, ARLANXEO and Solvay launch TECHSYN for unrivalled environmental performance

      Bridgestone, a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, ARLANXEO, a world-leading synthetic rubber producer, and Solvay, one of the worlds top science companies and worldwide leader in Highly Dispersible Silica (HDS), both for innovation and for manufacturing, have today announced the launch of TECHSYN, a new, co-developed tyre technology platform enabling tyres to deliver unrivalled strength and environmental performance.
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    4. Cleaner, stronger, harder: New tech improves sustainable concrete

      Researchers have developed a new technology to manufacture concrete made from recycled materials that is stronger and more durable than the traditional product. Recycled concrete aggregates made with everything from coffee cups to building rubble offer huge environmental benefits, from reducing landfill and CO2emissions, to saving natural resources and boosting the circular economy. Despite ongoing improvements however, challenges with matching the strength and durability of traditional concrete have hindered the ...
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    1. It's one of the most important sustainability solutions.
      In Michelin boss sees COVID recovery, but tough start to 2021 for autos
    2. Since our founding a decade ago, Trinseo has maintained sustainability as a core value.
      In Trinseo Annual Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Report
    3. At Bridgestone, we are committed to working with GM to provide the highest quality products and solutions that reflect our combined focus on performance, sustainability and innovation. We are honored to be recognized by GM for the delivery of high quality products that meet the dynamic needs of the driving public.
      In Bridgestone Plant Earns GM Supplier Award