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    2. Pirelli Elect: The Tyre That Increases Autonomy, Reduces Onboard Noise and Maximises Grip

      Low rolling resistance to increase autonomy, decreased road noise for ultimate comfort, immediate grip that puts the power down for a quick getaway, and a special structure designed to support the weight of a battery-powered vehicle. These are the key characteristics of Pirelli Elect tyres, developed by Pirelli together with leading car manufacturers to meet...
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    3. Michelin and Pyrowave Join Forces to Industrialize an Innovative Plastic Waste Recycling Technology

      November 18, 2020, MontralClermont-Ferrand The Canadian firm Pyrowave proudly announces a joint development agreement with the Michelin Group. Through the Pyrowave developed technology, it is possible to generate recycled styrene from plastics found in packaging, insulation panels and/or household appliances. This recycled styrene is an important monomer*: it is used in the production of polystyrene and synthetic rubber for tires and a large number of consumer products.
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    4. Pirelli And Rivian Develop Special RIV Elect Tires For R1T And R1S

      Having the best hardware and software is not all that electric cars need to be successful. In highly efficient and silent vehicles, tires play a much more important role than they do in combustion-engined machines. They have to have low rolling resistance and also be much quieter than regular ones.
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    5. Enviro expects final partnership agreement with Michelin during the fourth quarter

      Scandinavian Enviro Systems(publ)and the French global tyre manufacturer Michelin assess that a final agreement regarding a strategic partnership is expected to be reached during the fourth quarter 2020 instead of before the end of October, which Enviro has previously communicated.The reason for the delay is the ongoing pandemic which has led to protracted negotiations.
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    6. Sustainable rubber ingredient maker Bolder in talks to go public: sources

      (Reuters) - Bolder Industries has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to merge with blank-check acquisition company GigCapital2 IncGIX.Nin a deal that would take the U.S. sustainable rubber ingredient manufacturer public and value it at close to $900 million, including debt, people familiar with the matter said on Monday. It would be the latest deal by a blank-check vehicle, or special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC), for an environmentally focused business ...
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    1. A comprehensive sustainability analysis encompasses all three pillars of sustainability: economics, environment and society. Our work shows that a domestic source of rubber can be sustainable; we have to minimize water consumption in agriculture and optimize energy usage and co-products throughout the supply chain.
      In Cooper: Progress on guayule tire applications
    2. Sustainability has always been a key element to TreadWright's business strategy.
      In 70% recycled content tires wins TreadWright green award
    3. We have a strong commitment to sustainability at Ford.
      In Cooper, Ford making inroads into use of guayule