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    2. Advanced Tires Market Projected To Hit $1,349.7 Mn By 2030 | Analysis, Sales Revenue, Key players & Future Investment

      ...d conditions and the condition of the tire itself, the tires can send signals to drivers or the AI systems in self-driving cars.Get Detailed COVID-19 Impact Analysis on the Autonomous Vehicle Market Request Here! ADVERTI...
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    3. U.S. military working to make its self-driving technology smarter

      Keeping soldiers safe continues to be the main reason the military enlists unmanned vehicles into its ranks, especially for resupply missions. The U.S. Army has been tinkering with ground robotics and automated technologies for decades, yet there are still no real systems in the military field that are fully autonomous. Nevertheless, the Army wants to finish what it started, so it plans to accelerate its use of autonomous defense ...
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    4. Whole Lotta Shaking Going on in Auto Industry

      Its already been an eventful year for the automotive industry. Lets review some of the biggest trends and headlines weve seen so far and consider what the future might hold. Shake-Ups and Industry Disruptors We cant discuss the industry in 2019 without mentioning tariffs, so lets start there. The U.S. and China have made a lot of noise by threatening to impose new or raise existing tariffs on automobiles ...
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    5. Mobility Remains Highly Emotional Issue

      New mobility approaches are constantly being developed to reduce the volume of traffic and pollution. However, all too often these still fail because of the people themselves primarily due to their inclination for comfort. The imminent traffic chaos is a direct result of the modern convenience dilemma: Almost everyone now shops at Amazon and other Internet marketplaces. They enjoy fast availability and low prices with minimal effort.
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    6. Continental's self-driving chief sees full autonomy taking time

      Continental's self-driving chief sees full autonomy taking time
      HANOVER, Germany -- The first fully autonomous vehicles able to handle all conditions on public roads -- and potentially replacing private car ownership, will probably not appear until after 2030, said Continental's head of self-driving car projects, Andree Hohm. "People always ask me when driverless vehicles will be on the road," he said this month at Continent's Tech Show in Hanover, "and I tell them the answer is 'today.'
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    7. Canadian technology giant Blackberry and LG expand partnership to develop autonomous vehicle systems

      Canadian tech giant BlackBerry and LG Electronics of South Korea said Wednesday they have expanded a longtime partnership in an effort to accelerate the deployment of connected and autonomous vehicle technology for automakers and suppliers. Financial details of the agreement were not released.
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    8. Nexen Tire in technology partnership with Plug and Play

      Nexen Tire in technology partnership with Plug and Play
      Nexen Tire has entered into a partnership with Plug and Play, an innovation platform and startup accelerator, as a part of its effort to build an infrastructure for future technology development and new business initiation. Through the collaboration with Plug and Play, Nexen Tire will look to develop tire and mobility technologies. It will also enable the company to realize its open RD philosophy and explore other potential partnerships in ...
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    9. This Robot Will Make Any Car a Self-Driving Car

      This Robot Will Make Any Car a Self-Driving Car
      It may not be the future we want, but it's undeniable that autonomous vehicles are coming. In the not too distant future, car and driver will become one and the same, and the cars we drive ourselves will eventually be replaced with those that drive themselves. But does that mean every car and truck on the road will need to be replaced with specially designed autonomous vehicles? Israeli startup ...
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    10. Goodyear to pilot predictive tire servicing solution with EV fleets

      Goodyear to pilot predictive tire servicing solution with EV fleets
      Goodyear Tire is partnering with Borrow, a short-term, fully electric car subscription company in California to test its newest service innovation. Goodyear is using its unique predictive tire servicing solution for Borrows connected fleets to forecast and automatically schedule needed tire maintenance and replacement. Leveraging Goodyears expertise in tires, the cloud-based platform predicts and automatically schedules tire servicing via vehicle data and proprietary algorithms.
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    11. Tire maker Michelin to buy telematics group Masternaut - Reuters

      PARIS (Reuters) - French tire maker Michelin has agreed to buy telematics company Masternaut for an undisclosed amount, in a deal Michelin said would increase its presence in the field of customer services. Masternaut manages over 220,000 mostly light utility vehicles under contract, and Michelins takeover of the company was made on the basis of 8 times 2018 EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) before synergies.
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    1. To make people appreciate self-driving cars and trust them, we need to show that they're as good as the best racing drivers.
      In Can racing put driverless technology on fast track?
    2. A key question for this year's research is how the unwritten rules and driver behavior that we employ will apply to self-driving cars, and to what extent self-driving cars will need to learn the common sense humans use to make every-day driving situations work.
      In Goodyear Tire & Rubber : London School of Economics - Will self-driving cars be bullied?