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    2. Laser processing revolutionizes prototype production of car tires

      Jenoptik's Light Production Division announces cooperation with the 4JET Group to jointly drive the commercialization of innovative laser prototyping technology The technology enables rapid prototyping of vehicle tires through precise laser material processing. In this process, individual profiles and designs are laser-generated into tires with a smooth tread and neutral sidewall. The process replaces the time-consuming manual carving of tires and thus significantly shortens development cycles and prototyping costs ...
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    3. Sandia Labs and Goodyear develop means to test tires before they’re built

      Albuquerque, NM (KKOB) Simulating how a tires tread, rubber and size respond to a roads corners, angles and hills, Sandia National Laboratories and The Goodyear Tire Rubber Co. have developed a virtual means of showing a tires performance before the first prototypes are ever built. Computer simulations test a virtual tire on a virtual test machine that simulates actual road conditions. Thus, the Virtual Flat Trac reduces the need for ...
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    4. Sumitomo Rubber opens new winter tire test facility

      Sumitomo Rubber opens new winter tire test facility
      Sumitomo Rubber Industries has opened a new testing facility at one of its main development bases for winter tires, the Nayoro Tire Proving Ground in Hokkaido, Japan. It states that the Nayoro Indoor Ice Field (NICE) is one of the largest indoor on-ice tire testing facilities in Japan, featuring a 100m braking test course as well as a 30 x 30m (approximate) turning test course.
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    5. Goodyear tire development program aided by second dynamic simulator

      Goodyear is to install a second DiM250 Dynamic Driving Simulator, supplied by VI-Grade, at its Innovation Center in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg. Goodyear will use the simulator in conjunction with another DiM250 recently installed at the company headquarters in Ohio, USA. Both innovation sites also have previously installed VI-Grade Compact Simulators to assist with virtual tire development.
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    6. NHTSA issues rule allowing R&D exemptions for U.S. manufacturers

      NHTSA has issued a closing rule that may enable U.S. manufacturers of autos and tools to hunt an exemption from federal security requirements for functions of analysis or demonstration, in keeping witha federal document. The rule permits home manufacturers that produce nonconforming autos and tools to function these merchandise on public roads probably dashing the event of automated driving techniques and different forward-looking applied sciences within the U.S ...
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    7. Toyoda Gosei and University of Tokyo develop material crosslinking technology for tougher synthetic rubber

      Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. and the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the University of Tokyo have developed material crosslinking technology that enhances the toughness of synthetic rubber. They will present the technology at the 29th Polymer Material Forum, to be held online on November 26 and 27. This new technology enhances the toughness of the synthetic rubber approximately six-fold by integrating a polyrotaxane into the chemical structure of ethylene propylene ...
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    8. Continental puts its own supercomputer for vehicle AI system training, powered by NVIDIA DGX, into operation

      Frankfurt am Main, Germany, July 28, 2020 The automotive industry is changing and development cycles are becoming shorter. In order to develop innovative technologies even more efficiently and quickly, Continental has invested in setting up its own supercomputer for Artificial Intelligence (AI), powered by NVIDIA InfiniBand-connected DGX systems. It has been operating from a datacenter in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, since the beginning of 2020 and is offering computing power ...
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    9. Smithers upgrades low temperature retraction testing instrumentation at rubber physical testing lab in Akron, Ohio

      Smithers has invested in upgraded low temperature retraction instrumentation at itsrubber physical testinglaboratory in Akron, Ohio.The new instrument offers improved temperature control for low temperature retraction testing. Additionally, the instrument is significantly more efficient, which will allow for better turnaround times for customers and improved laboratory efficiency overall.Our top priority is getting accurate data to our customers on time, saidChristine Domer, General Manager, Akron Labs, Smithers. This investment ...
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    1. BKT has always been committed to innovation allotting requisite amounts regularly to Research and Development since we consider these investments the key to success for competing in a complex global market with rapidly evolving needs.
      In BKT Partners with Kultevat to Create Dandelion Rubber Compound for Tires
    2. We saw many customers making small wooden or steel platforms to move their tires around the shop, either to display them or for improved handling. So, the Research and Development team at Martins created a sturdy, simple and cost-effective solution.
      In Martins Announces Canuck Tire Puck
    3. Formula One is and will remain the pinnacle of motorized competition: the perfect environment for Pirelli, which has always defined motorsport as its most advanced technological research and development laboratory.
      In Pirelli And Formula One: Together Until 2023