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    2. EU Automotive Suppliers Outlook Worsens Considerably, Latest Survey Shows

      A survey of automotive supplier companies in Europe to gauge the impact of the COVID-19 crisis shows that the sectors outlook has worsened considerably over the past weeks. Over 90 percent of businesses expect a drop in revenue in 2020 of at least 20%, up from 60% in March. 35% percent expect a reduction of more than 30%. Profitability will take an even harder hit, with more than half of ...
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    3. China’s tire exports record two-digit dips in first quarter

      China’s tire exports record two-digit dips in first quarter
      Beijing China's tire exports fell 11.3% year on year in the first quarter of 2020 to 102 million units, according to latest figures by General Administration of Customs. Export value presented in US dollars for the quarter stood at $3 billion (2.8 billion), representing a 13.2% drop year-on-year, the Chinese agency noted. Weight of such exports fell by 6.9% to 1.3 million tonnes.
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    1. Customers will be able to freely access their report findings, which will ultimately help to educate the business and optimise their total cost of ownership.
      In Event: Bridgestone bringing RFID and ‘ologic’ to IAA
    2. We're proud to report that about half of our total investment will flow right back into the local Rhea County economy.
      In Site work at Nokian's Tennessee plant to start in August
    3. Trinseo is a value-driven organization, and this report underscores that the tenets of Responsible Care®, respect for and commitment to Environmental, Health, & Safety, and sustainability are paramount to our organization at every level and in every decision we make.
      In Trinseo Releases 9th Annual Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Report