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    2. Pirelli’s Cyber Tire System Starts Dialogue Between Cars & Tires

      A firstPirelli now equips as standard, a tire with sensors that can talk to a car! Pirellis Cyber Tire system, made up of a sensor in each tire that gathers vital data for safe driving, is linked to software integrated into the cars onboard computer. That car is the McLaren Artura complete with sensor-equipped tires: a hybrid supercar packed with technology for an even safer and more involved driving experience ...
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    3. Hankook pilots smart tire technology

      Hankook Tire and Revvo Technologies are testing smart tire sensor technologies with Junk King. The pilot will include 30% of the trucks in Junk Kings California fleet, integrating Hankooks SmartFlex tires with Revvos sensors and analytics. Ensuring our trucks stay in pristine shape is critical for our operations. It is the key to providing the top-notch customer service we promise to each and every one of our customers, said Michael ...
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    4. Continental pilots real-time tread depth monitoring

      Continental says it has successfully demonstrated real-time tire tread depth monitoring in a pilot using vehicles from carsharing provider ShareNow Denmark. In cooperation with project partner and telemetry specialist Traffilog, the company merged feeds from tire sensors and telemetry data from Share Nows fleet of cars with a proprietary algorithm in the cloud. As a result, Continental claims it can predict tire tread depth in real time to an accuracy ...
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    5. Michelin to connect all its car tires by 2023

      Michelin says it is working toward equipping all of its automotive tires with RFID technology by 2023 and expects to have delivered up to 1,500,000 RFID-equipped car tires as early as 2020. It notes that among other benefits, RFID enables improved tire management from the factory to end of life as well as opening up possibilities for offering predictive maintenance services to improve driver experience. We are currently ...
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    1. Today the challenge to innovate and improve sustainable mobility is more formal than ever.
      In Michelin exec encourages firms to embrace innovation
    2. We have an important role to play to bring about bringing mobility of goods and services to an increasing number of people around the globe, and we must embrace with passion our responsibility to do that in a way that is sustainable.
      In Michelin exec encourages firms to embrace innovation
    3. For 50 years, the Asheboro facility has manufactured Oliver Rubber's innovative and quality tread rubber products providing customers with high-value mobility solutions.
      In Oliver Rubber Manufacturing Facility Celebrates 50th Anniversary