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    2. Advanced Tires Market Projected To Hit $1,349.7 Mn By 2030 | Analysis, Sales Revenue, Key players & Future Investment

      ...ict overload citations. The electro-pneumatic controls are meant to enhance the tire life as well as the fuel mileage. According to the company, SMAR-te Tire Pilot does not require maintenance or calibration. The ability...
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    3. Continental launches high-mileage, low-consumption truck tires for regional use

      ...of the company’s InterLock Technology. This is claimed to provide low rolling resistance without compromising mileage performance. Continental notes that the design of the tread with a ‘cap’ (responsible for adhesion, ab...
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    1. Breaking the seven-figure consumer mileage barrier gives us new vision into the unlimited zero-emissions potential for Hyundai's fuel cell vehicles.
      In Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicles Rack Up One Million Miles
    2. The 3D X-M is an amazing high mileage sport touring tire.
      In Avon Tyres Expands Storm 3D X-M Line
    3. Employing a proven European manufacturing process called remolding, TreadWright uses the same mold cure process as traditional manufacturers of OEM tires. With the same quality, durability and better mileage than similar tires in its class, TreadWright tires are better for your car and better for the environment.
      In TreadWright Tires gets 'green' biz award