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    2. Better Efficiency at Irish Farm Thanks to Michelin Ultraflex

      CoolcrooFarm,in Tipperary, used to run a mix of competitor brands but switched toMichelinfollowing technical advice from local account manager Christopher Eakin. It now runs its four smaller tractors on a variety of different sizeMichelinXeoBibtyres,while its larger Fendt 828 is fitted with IF 710/70 R42AxioBibon the rear and VF 600/60 R34XeoBibon the front. It also operates a Horsh trailed sprayer on VF 710/60 R42XeoBibs. I just ...
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    1. By partnering with Purcell Tire, Michelin is securing a relationship across our entire line of business-to-business on- and off-road products and services.
      In Purcell Tire joins Michelin Commercial Service Network
    2. After a 30-year relationship with Michelin, Purcell Tire is honored to be a part of a very exclusive network of dealers focused on offering the best products and services for commercial and OTR fleets.
      In Purcell Tire joins Michelin Commercial Service Network
    3. The Michelin TRAILXBIB allows the farmer to easily adjust trailed equipment tire pressure with remote inflation systems in real time and according to the type of soil load distribution.
      In Michelin introduces the new agricultural tire: the TRAILXBIB