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    2. Michelin and BlackCycle: A major European project for recycling end-of-life tires into new tires

      ... Greece, and Switzerland and includes 7 industrial partners, 5 RTOs and an innovation cluster. Coordinated by Michelin, the consortium has designed an effective governance system involving a steering committee, a cluster...
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  2. Quotes about Michelin

    1. As a leader in sustainable mobility, Michelin's power transmission products are fully tested to deliver optimal efficiency and longevity.
      In Michelin Launches Premium Line of Automotive Belts, Tensioners and Idlers on Amazon
    2. Michelin applauds the commitment of individuals in the transportation industry in the air, on our roads, and across the farms and fields of America who deliver when it matters most.
      In Michelin Kicks Off #KeepThanksMoving Campaign to Recognize Transportation ‘Heroes’
    3. At Michelin, our dedication to our workforce is best defined by two key words: We care.
      In Michelin North America tops Forbes' best employer list