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    2. Michelin Remains the World’s Most Valuable and Strongest Tire Brand

      Michelin remains the worlds most valuable and strongest tire brand with a brand value of US$7.1 billion and a BSI score of 86.2 out of 100. Michelin is by far the strongest brand in the tire segment with an advantage of 9 BSI points over the second strongest brand in the industry, Bridgestone (up 1% to US$7.0 billion). Michelin is the thought leader in the ...
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    1. Sure, Goodyear came out reasonably intact.
      In Robert Mercer, Goodyear CEO during Goldsmith raid, dies at 96
    2. AndGo by Goodyear provides on-site inspections, vehicle servicing and professional cleaning for connected vehicle platforms.
      In Goodyear Joins Turo To Provide Timely Cleaning Service For Its Car-Sharing Community
    3. Goodyear is dedicated to meeting tire and service needs for the many hardworking professional drivers, first responders and other essential workers who are making countless sacrifices to protect public health and safety and deliver needed goods during these difficult times.
      In Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers Remain Open Nationwide, Offer Free Dot Inspections to Keep Fleets on the Road