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    2. Goodyear and Conmet to offer fleets the commercial tire industry’s first combined tire and wheel hub analytics solution

      TheGoodyear Tire Rubber Companyand ConMet announced their strategic collaboration to create combined digital solutions that will better connect commercial truck fleets to the health of their tires and wheel ends. For the first time in the industry, two companies will use their combined expertise in connected mobility and their existing data resources to provide fleets with holistic insights on tire and wheel end performance. The goal is to allow fleets ...
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    1. The webinar is a great opportunity to hear Debbie's insights into the dynamically changing purchase-to-pay marketplace and the results of Gartner's recent study on business trends, as well as hear a real-world example from Goodyear on the transformational benefits companies are experiencing through automating procurement and invoice processing.
      In Basware Company, Verian, to Host Purchase-to-Pay Webinar Featuring Gartner and Goodyear Commercial Tire & Service Centers
    2. The extraordinary support Goodyear provides contributes greatly to the readiness and resilience of our guardsmen and reservists.
      In Goodyear Receives Secretary of Defense Freedom Award
    3. On behalf of the 1,400 Goodyear associates who are either U.S. military veterans or reservists, we proudly accept the Freedom Award.
      In Goodyear Receives Secretary of Defense Freedom Award