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    2. Pirelli Elect: The Tyre That Increases Autonomy, Reduces Onboard Noise and Maximises Grip

      Low rolling resistance to increase autonomy, decreased road noise for ultimate comfort, immediate grip that puts the power down for a quick getaway, and a special structure designed to support the weight of a battery-powered vehicle. These are the key characteristics of Pirelli Elect tyres, developed by Pirelli together with leading car manufacturers to meet...
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    3. Continental launches high-mileage, low-consumption truck tires for regional use

      ...iguration of the circumferential longitudinal tread grooves, this enables greater mileage while also reducing fuel consumption, Continental says. Furthermore, the use of sipes in the tread ribs provides additional grip e...
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    4. Tires and wheels can have a huge affect on electric car range

      When driving an electric car, it's important to consider the only part of the vehicle that actually touches the road. Tires can have a major impact on electric car range. Automakers often fit electric cars with low-rolling resistance tires to maximize range, albeit often at the expense of handling, as these tires offer less grip than conventional...
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    5. Continental launches VECTO, fleet tyres, emissions microsite

      Continental AG has just launched a microsite containing information about the latest CO₂ emissions regulations for heavy goods vehicles and the VECTO (Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool) simulation tool. The post Continental launches VECTO, fleet tyres, emissions microsite appeared first on Tyrepress.
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    6. Video: The Rolling Resistance-Fuel Efficiency Target Conflict

      Although tire manufacturers are making technological leaps in tire design and rubber compounding year after year, they all still face what they call the target conflict between mileage and rolling resistance. This means that improving one of these characteristics in the tire typically reduces performance in the other area. Is it possible to find a tire thats the best of both worlds?
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