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    2. USTMA finds that recycling of end-of-life tires has stalled

      USTMA finds that recycling of end-of-life tires has stalled
      ...aw materials. Bridgestone joined with Delta-Energy Group to bring at-scale use of rCB to the tire market, and Continental works with Pyrolyx to help tire manufacturers scale up the production of rCB from scrap tires for ...
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    3. Continental launches high-mileage, low-consumption truck tires for regional use

      ...rLock Technology. This is claimed to provide low rolling resistance without compromising mileage performance. Continental notes that the design of the tread with a ‘cap’ (responsible for adhesion, abrasion resistance, an...
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    1. I want to thank the International Federations for their unanimous support and the Continental Associations of National Olympic Committees for the great partnership and their support in the consultation process over the last few days.
      In Bridgestone looks ahead to rescheduled Tokyo Olympics
    2. Continental's success curve continues to point upward.
      In Conti CEO: Free, open international trade critical to auto industry
    3. The partnership with Conlan Tire LLC is important to Continental in an effort to reduce overall driving costs to our fleet customers, it is what drives mutual success of both dealers and fleets.
      In Conlan Tire Joins ContiLifeCycle