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    2. Michelin to ship tires by sail in effort to reduce emissions

      French multinational Michelin Tire has signed up to ship some of the tires it makes in Nova Scotia across the Atlantic to France on a cargo vessel powered mainly by sail. The agreement withNeoline, astartup shipping linebased in Nantes, France, is being explained as an effort to reduce Michelin's greenhouse gas emissions. "This initiative and this new partnership promote innovation in the field of carbon-free transport," Pierre-Martin Huet, Michelin ...
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    3. RPRA Announces Consultation on Distribution of the Ontario Tire Stewardship Surplus

      TheResource Productivity and Recovery Authority is consulting on Ontario Tire Stewardships (OTS) plan to return remaining Used Tires Program surplus funds to stewards. The plan was developed by Grant Thornton Limited, the court appointed OTS liquidator, as a Surplus Funds Addendum to the Used Tires Program Wind-Up Plan. The proposed addendum includes: which tire classes are eligible to share in the surplus a proposed methodology to allocate funds to stewards ...
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    4. Ensure you and your vehicle are up to speed this winter

      Weather plays a huge factor [in accidents], but its not an excuse, says Sgt. Brett Moore of the Toronto Police Service. On a wintry day, numerous crashes happen, varying in severity. However, not everyone is aware of what to do if they're involved in an accident. Officers say the first step should be a given: to abide by the provincial slogan Steer it to Clear it. Especially if youre ...
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    1. American dealers have found new demand in the U.S. and more buying power in Canada, creating a desirable sellers' market here.
      In Jeep Wrangler secures highest ever retained value in Canadian Black Book awards
    2. We selected Canada for this expansion because of its clear capacity for innovation, proven talent and strong ecosystem of great universities, startups and innovative suppliers.
      In GM adding 700 jobs in Canada to develop self-driving cars
    3. The proposed incentive program has met with mixed success in several states and has been highly criticized in Canada, most recently in Ontario.
      In California tire recycling bill rejected