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    2. Employees’ Pursuit of Passions Lands Continental on Best Big Companies to Work For™ List

      Some companies strive to be a "best place to work" by following the latest workplace trends, such as furnishing offices with things like foosball tables and in-office spas, to try and keep employees happy. Other companies go beyond perks, forming a culture that supports passions and purpose giving their employees time and tools to innovate solutions that impact society. Technology company Continental is one such purpose-driven enterprise, and Fortune Magazine ...
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    1. Winning this prestigious award is an honor for all of us that have been involved in this innovative project that is Timberland Tires.
      In Timberland Tires honored for sustainability
    2. On behalf of the 1,400 Goodyear associates who are either U.S. military veterans or reservists, we proudly accept the Freedom Award.
      In Goodyear Receives Secretary of Defense Freedom Award
    3. It is great honor that Hankook Tire once again has been recognized for its innovative technology by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.
      In Hankook, Kumho, Nexen earn Red Dot honors