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    2. Global Automakers Releases 2020 Q4 Sales Numbers

      Following our transition into a new year, the Global Automakers of Canada (GAC) has released sales figures for its members in Q4 2020. Given the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic during 2020, OEMs witnessed the shutting down of production facilities in Q1 and Q2, along with parts shortages, new inventory was significantly down during the course of the year. By the end of 2020, GAC member sales total ...
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    3. Female CMO is new norm

      A remarkable shift has been taking place in automaker executive ranks:Women now rulethe U.S. marketing world. In 2018, Joy Falotico took on the chief marketing officer title at Ford Motor Co. The next year, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles tapped Marissa Hunter to fill a new role, head of North America marketing. Months later, Deborah Wahl at General Motors and Angela Zepeda at Hyundai were named CMOs.
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    4. NHTSA issues rule allowing R&D exemptions for U.S. manufacturers

      NHTSA has issued a closing rule that may enable U.S. manufacturers of autos and tools to hunt an exemption from federal security requirements for functions of analysis or demonstration, in keeping witha federal document. The rule permits home manufacturers that produce nonconforming autos and tools to function these merchandise on public roads probably dashing the event of automated driving techniques and different forward-looking applied sciences within the U.S ...
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    1. With DiM250 and Compact simulators on both sides of the ocean, Goodyear is now at the forefront of virtual tire development and gains a significative competitive advantage when it comes to collaboration with automotive OEMs and accelerated product development.
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    2. You have to be careful that we allow serious investments by the automotive industry to roll out in an orderly fashion.
      In Canadian Auto Dealers Seek Managed ICE Phaseout
    3. It has almost nothing to do with the automotive industry.
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