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    2. Vredestein Quatrac: New Evolution In Growing All-Season Segment

      In a European all-season segment that grew by 23% percent last year, Vredestein continues to evolve its products and underline its all-season expertise. After being the first brand to launch an all-season tyre for high-end performance cars in 2019 with the Quatrac Pro, the brand is now renewing its portfolio in the segment for smaller []
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    3. Apollo Vredestein to specialize in HP tires at Enschede, Netherlands factory

      To build a more sustainable business, Apollo Vredestein has plans to limit production at its plant in Enschede, the Netherlands, to focus on high-performance tires only. Within the current operating environment certain tire sizes can no longer continue being manufactured in Enschede at a profitable and competitive level. The aim is to specialize the factory in production of agricultural tires and high-value products with a short production run.
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    4. Vredestein’s New Tractor Tire Will Be Unveiled at Agritechnica

      Vredestein’s New Tractor Tire Will Be Unveiled at Agritechnica
      Vredestein will introduce a new tractor tire, the Vredestein Traxion 65, at this years Agritechnica (Nov. 10-16). As the successor to the Traxion+, the Traxion 65 incorporates new technologies derived from the development of the flagship VF tire, the Traxion Optimall. The foundation for the development of the tread design is the Traxion concept with its curved lug shape, the company says.
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    1. Apollo Tyres has been furthering the dimension of R&D, to usher in contemporary technology to service its customers in its chosen markets. The setting up of the two Global R&D Centres is a purposeful step towards this vision of the organization.
      In Apollo Tyres inaugurates Global R&D Centre, Asia
    2. I am extremely pleased to announce this significant investment by Apollo Tyres to build a world class facility in Andhra Pradesh.
      In Apollo to invest $89.4 million in two new facilities in India