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    2. BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium

      BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium
      Two new models, the Maglift Eco and the Maglift Premium, are coming for Maglift, theBKTtire specifically designed for forklifts. Maglift Eco is made with two layers of rubber compound and has a shape and wide lugs for stability and load distribution, BKT says. There is also a rim guard designed to protect against damage and denting. Low rolling resistance and high resistance to overheating are designed to offer maximum efficiency ...
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    1. We believe AEP is a clear strategic fit with [Berry Plastics] given its complementary product set in flexible packaging serving consumer, industrial and agricultural ends markets.
      In Berry Plastics buying AEP for $765 million
    2. As an agricultural crop, dandelions have the potential to become an alternative, environmentally friendly raw material source, thereby providing more flexibility in formulations and helping to reduce our dependency on traditionally produced natural rubber.
      In Raw-materials prices still volatile
    3. We need higher capacity utilisation and… we are looking forward to a world-class manufacturing site with high-end production of radial agricultural tires and new production lines for OTR tires.
      In Trelleborg raising tire capacity at two European sites