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    1. Triangle Tire Hires New Senior Development Engineer

      Triangle Tire Hires New Senior Development Engineer

      Longtime tire industry engineer Brad Wurst has accepted the position of senior development engineer of A3T, the technical center for Triangle Tire in Akron.

      Wurst joins Triangle Tire from a recent post at Smithers Materials Science and Engineering. His tire engineering experience includes 20 years with Bridgestone Americas and seven years with Cooper Tire, including a one-year stint as a TBR development engineer at Cooper Tire’s Shanghai facility.

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    2. BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium

      BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium

      Two new models, the Maglift Eco and the Maglift Premium, are coming for Maglift, the BKT tire specifically designed for forklifts.

      Maglift Eco is made with two layers of rubber compound and has a shape and wide lugs for stability and load distribution, BKT says. There is also a rim guard designed to protect against damage and denting. Low rolling resistance and high resistance to overheating are designed to offer maximum efficiency, and steel wires incorporated into the hitch offer secure grip and prevent slippage, BKT says. There are two versions available, standard and “LIP,” which has an asymmetric hitch to avoid having to add flanges.

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    3. Nokian Tyres Factory Earns ISO 9001 Certification

      Nokian Tyres Factory Earns ISO 9001 Certification

      Less than six months after opening, Nokian Tyres ’ factory in Dayton, Tennessee, earned ISO 9001 certification earlier this year.

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      The achievement affirms that the company has implemented rigorous quality management processes at the facility.

      The process includes audits by an independent, external certification body and by internal staff trained for the process. All three of Nokian Tyres’ global factories have now achieved ISO 9001 certification.

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    4. TireHub Surprises Essential Workers with Free Tires

      TireHub recently donated 70 sets of tires to essential workers through its Helping Hoops program.

      Helping Hoops recognized an essential worker through each of TireHub’s 70 distribution centers across the country. Each TireHub Logistics Center (TLC) partnered with a retail customer who then chose a customer in their community to surprise with a new set of free tires.

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    5. TIA Issues Statement on ‘Invest in America Act’

      On June 3, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee released draft text of a five-year, $494 billion surface transportation reauthorization bill entitled the “Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America Act” or the “INVEST in America Act.”

      The bill includes $411 billion in contract authority from the Highway Trust Fund for highway, transit, safety and research programs. $319 billion is the portion allocated for the Federal-aid highway program under the Federal Highway Administration.


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    6. Former Maxxis International President Returns as Chairman

      Former Maxxis International President Returns as Chairman

      Former Maxxis International President Dr. Wally Chen is leaving retirement to assume chairmanship of the company.


      Chen’s chairmanship was effective immediately after a vote by the company’s board of directors at a recent meeting.

      “I want Maxxis to be a positive force in the world by offering safe, sustainably manufactured, high-quality tires to consumers who know that they can count on us for 100% quality, 100% service, and 100% trust. Together, we will strive to make Maxxis an even better company and our world a better place,” Chen said.

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    7. Titan Expands Two OTR Tire Lines

      Titan Expands Two OTR Tire Lines

      Titan International, Inc. (Titan) has introduced higher ply ratings for two of its existing OTR product lines — the Titan CM100 and the Titan CM150.

      This higher ply rating allows for carrying heavier loads, and doing so with greater durability and a longer life, Titan says. The CM100 and CM150 were engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and highest weight load requirements, the company says.

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    8. Cooper Unveils Roadmaster Tires for Vans, Delivery Trucks

      Cooper Unveils Roadmaster Tires for Vans, Delivery Trucks

      Cooper Tire ’s Roadmaster brand has bolstered its presence in the “final mile,” pick-up and delivery, and emergency vehicle tire segment with the introduction of two new tires.

      The Roadmaster RM257 drive and Roadmaster RM170+ steer, both 19.5-inch tires, will soon be available for order through Roadmaster dealers.

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    9. Yokohama Posts 90.4% Operating Profit Loss in Q1

      The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. posted a 90.4% decline in operating profit (1.2 billion yen, or about $11 million; down from 2019’s 12.878 billion yen, or about $120 million) in the first quarter of 2020.

      The company also posted a 258 million yen (about $2.4 million) loss in Q1, compared with 9.1 billion yen (about $85 million) in profit in the same period of the previous year.

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    10. Michelin High Marks in J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction

      Drivers gave Michelin higher satisfaction ratings in two of the three segments in J.D. Power’s annual Original Equipment Tire Satisfaction Study.

      Michelin claimed top honors in the luxury and truck/utility segments. It was the company’s 17th consecutive highest ranking in the luxury category and fifth consecutive highest ranking in the truck/utility category. Michelin placed second in the passenger car segment.

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    11. Hankook Tire Data Reveals Driving Attitudes During Pandemic

      New research from Hankook Tire reveals that as COVID-19 has kept many Americans home, three-in-four (76%) say they miss being behind the wheel.

      The survey also found that there is a desire to spend more time on the road, as 60% of Americans say they want to take more trips by car as a result of the pandemic.

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    12. Bridgestone Now Restarting North America Manufacturing

      Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) is executing the final phase of a restart plan for its manufacturing operations in North America and Latin America, that began the week of May 11.

      The company is targeting the end of May for its North American passenger tire plants and all manufacturing facilities in Latin America to resume operations. The ramp-up of these remaining production facilities will bring all Bridgestone Americas manufacturing locations back into operation, the company says.

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    13. USTMA Gives Adjusted 2020 Tire Shipment Forecast

      USTMA Gives Adjusted 2020 Tire Shipment Forecast

      In response to the widespread economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) has revised its February 2020 U.S. tire shipment projections to better reflect the impact of the pandemic on the tire manufacturing sector. This update is being shared in advance of the triannual forecast customarily conducted in July.

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    14. Vredestein Debuts Hypertrac, its First Uhp A/S Tire for North America

      Vredestein Debuts Hypertrac, its First Uhp A/S Tire for North America

      Aimed at giving drivers options for whatever weather they face, Vredestein launched its first UHP all-season tire built for the North American market: the Vredestein Hypertrac.

      The tire, available to order in 38 sizes, kicks off Vredestein’s portfolio growth in the North American market for 2020, as the tiremaker promises to release a new product every three months. Abhishek Bisht, global head of new markets and channels for Apollo Tyres Ltd., Vredestein’s parent company, said the company set out to create a tire with superior wet performance capabilities in line with market trends and preferences of today’s consumers.

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