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    1. Pirelli’s Cyber Tire System Starts Dialogue Between Cars & Tires

      A first—Pirelli now equips as standard, a tire with sensors that can talk to a car!

      Pirelli’s Cyber Tire system, made up of a sensor in each tire that gathers vital data for safe driving, is linked to software integrated into the car’s onboard computer. That car is the McLaren Artura complete with sensor-equipped tires: a hybrid supercar packed with technology for an even safer and more involved driving experience.

      Cyber Tire technology offers a plethora of information to the car and driver: the tire’s ‘passport’—the type of tire, a winter or summer version, prescribed pressure, load index and speed rating—as well as current running information, i.e. temperature and pressure.

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    2. Looking Forward, Looking Back

      Reflecting TRAC’s Accomplishments while Stepping into the New Year

      A new year is a time for many to make resolutions, both personal and professional. It’s also time to reflect, for as they say, you often need to look back to look forward. Which brings me to a particularly noteworthy subject. TRAC celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2020 and as part of his enduring legacy, previous President & CEO of TRAC, Glenn Maidment (along with our dedicated team) created a special 100th Anniversary book commemorating the association’s past century.

      Some interesting milestones include the following:

      1920s: Letters Patent officially incorporating The Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) were received on March 17, 1920. There were 16 founding member companies, including three brands that remain in the marketplace today: Dunlop, Firestone, and Goodyear. ...



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    3. Global Automakers Releases 2020 Q4 Sales Numbers

      Following our transition into a new year, the Global Automakers of Canada (GAC) has released sales figures for its members in Q4 2020.

      Given the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic during 2020, OEMs witnessed the shutting down of production facilities in Q1 and Q2, along with parts shortages, new inventory was significantly down during the course of the year.

      By the end of 2020, GAC member sales total 900,767 units—a 21.4% decline compared with 2019 which saw 1,146,587 units sold.

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    4. Continental Receives 2020 Automotive Communications Award

      Continental Receives 2020 Automotive Communications Award

      Continental earned the 2020 Automotive Communications Award for the advertising program featuring its new Autodiagnos Automotive Diagnostic System and Autodiagnos TPMS Service Tools.

      The award was presented during the 2020 Virtual AAPEX Experience tradeshow by Women in Auto Care, part of the Auto Care Association, for the Best Ad Campaign to the Distribution and Retail Audience.

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    5. Just the Facts - multiple reasons why it’s beneficial to have winter tires.

      The 1950s police drama “Dragnet” inspired several catch phrases including “The story you are about to see is true”, “We were working the day watch”, and my personal favourite “Just the facts, ma’am”. Apparently, Sergeant Joe Friday, a fictional character created and portrayed by Jack Webb, never actually said “Just the facts, ma’am” but somehow it stuck. What is sticking in my mind these days are important facts related to winter tire usage in Canada from TRAC’s recently released 2020 Canadian Consumer Winter Tire Study, and supported by other studies from Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) and Manitoba Public Insurance. In keeping with the Dragnet theme, “The facts you are about to read are true”:

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    6. AIA Outlook Study: Predictions for the Aftermarket

      Automotive Industries Association of Canada recently released its Outlook 2020 Study, prepared by Ernst & Young (EY). The report was designed to provide an overview of the automotive aftermarket sector in Canada, including its economic impact, specific segments, product and service offerings as well as the workforce employed in the sector.

      Based on these findings, there’s no question that the aftermarket sector plays a pivotal role in the Canadian economy. In 2019, data points to approximately 491, 800 Canadians being employed in the aftermarket, representing almost 2.9% of total employees nationwide.

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    7. Hankook Tire Recognized by Journey to Automation Awards

      Hankook Tire Recognized by Journey to Automation Awards

      Hankook Tire received “Highly Commended” under the Tire Manufacture – Producer category at the Journey to Automation Awards (J2A Awards).

      Organized by European Rubber Journal (ERJ), Journey to Automation Awards (J2A Awards) recognizes tire brands’ efforts on the topic of automation and digital transformation. In its inaugural ceremony, Hankook Tire was recognized for its Virtual Compound Design (VCD) system.

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    8. TRAC's Carol Hochu Ready To Raise Profiles And Advance Issues

      TRAC's Carol Hochu Ready To Raise Profiles And Advance Issues

      Not even a pandemic can stop Carol Hochu, president and CEO-elect of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC), from hitting the ground running. Before officially beginning her position at the end of September, Hochu was making appointments, booking tours and reaching out to counterparts around the world like the United States Tire Association (USTA). “I want to connect with staff, board members, and other key stakeholders,” says Hochu. “I want to jump in with both feet and get rolling.”

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    9. Pirelli Launches New P Zero Trofeo R

      Pirelli is to exclusively equip the new McLaren 765LT.

      The P Zero Trofeo R tire was chosen as the starting point for this latest collaboration. Now the Trofeo R has been further refined in a joint effort from Pirelli and McLaren to meet the high-performance requirements of this latest car. For drivers who are less inclined to use their cars on track, the Pirelli P Zero tires are also available.

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    10. Hankook Tire & Sk Planet Develop Road Risk Detection Solution

      Hankook Tire & Sk Planet Develop Road Risk Detection Solution

      Hankook Tire announced that the company is collaborating with SK Planet to jointly develop a solution that preemptively detects potential hazardous risks on the road.

      Hankook Tire and SK Planet’s Road Risk Detection Solution analyzes road noise acquired from a moving vehicle through artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to identify potential risk factors on the road such as rainfall, snow, black ice, accidents, and other factors that may contribute to hazardous situations.

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    11. Kumho Tire’s Airless & Hybrid Tires Receive Design Awards

      Kumho Tire’s Airless & Hybrid Tires Receive Design Awards

      Kumho Tire has received the Finalist award at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) 2020 in the transport device discipline for two of its future-oriented tires that are targeted at the next-generation car market.

      With its earlier wins at the iF Design Award in February and the Red Dot Design Award in March in addition to the IDEA Awards, the company has now achieved the feat of winning all of the world’s top three design awards for this year.

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    12. Goodyear Progresses Toward Goals in Annual Report

      The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company released its annual report on corporate responsibility performance. The report summarizes the company’s actions in 2019 that demonstrate Goodyear’s commitment to ethical and sustainable processes, materials and programs that can help people, communities and the environment.

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    13. Aftermarket Stabilizing, but Uncertainties Remain Says AIA

      Following on from its initial survey on the impact of COVID-19 on business conditions in the automotive aftermarket, conducted April 20-May 8), AIA Canada has released the results of a second study.

      Conducted between June 1 and 12, 2020, the study targeted aftermarket business owners and employees across the country, including parts manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, warehouse distributors, collision centres, mechanical service shops and quick lube centres.

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    14. AIA Canada Announces the Cancellation of Canada Night Held During AAPEX 2020

      The Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada announces that the 2020 edition of Canada Night has been cancelled due to ongoing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 restrictions and concerns for the health and safety of participants.

      Originally scheduled for November 3, 2020, Canada Night was to have taken place during the Automotive Aftermarket Parts Exposition (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    15. TRAC Postpones 2020 Events: Rubber Recycling Symposium and 100th Members Meeting

      In the wake of the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) leadership decided to postpone their 100th Members Meeting & Gala as well as the Rubber Recycling Symposium to 2021.

      The tire industry offers a beacon of light for other industrial sectors as they strive for a circular economy, rooted in making the most efficient use of resources—over and over again. The Symposium will embark on finding new and better ways to develop and nurture a circular economy.

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    16. Hankook Tire Announces 2020 Q1 Financial Results

      Hankook Tire announced the company’s 2020 Q1 financial results, with consolidated global sales of KRW 1.4358 trillion and an operating profit of KRW 105.9 billion.

      The company’s earnings have declined due to a sharp drop in tire demand, caused by the worldwide economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has had a large overall impact on major global markets, including a decrease in demand for original equipment tires and replacement tires.

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    17. Bridgestone Announces 2020 Product Lineup

      Bridgestone Announces 2020 Product Lineup

      Bridgestone announced its product lineup for 2020 during its inaugural Canadian Trade Show held on February 4th in Mississauga, Ontario.

      During the lunch break, Jason Blackwell, Consumer Education Specialist, Consumer Replacement, Bridgestone, introduced attendees to the three new tires the company plans to launch this year—Firestone Destination LE3, Firestone Firehawk Pursuit and Firestone Firehawk Pursuit AWT.

      Firestone Firehawk Destination LE3

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    18. Pirelli Fights Climate Change

      CDP recognizes Pirelli as a leader in the fight against climate change.

      For the second year in a row Pirelli has been named a global leader in the fight against climate change, earning a place in the Climate A list prepared by the CDP (former Carbon Disclosure Project), the international non-profit organization which gathers, distributes and promotes information on environmental issues.

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    19. Pneus Unimax Hosts 2020 Expo

      Pneus Unimax Hosts 2020 Expo

      Expo Max 2020 represented all the banners under the Pneus Unimax umbrella.

      Pneus Unimax recently hosted the Expo Max 2020 Tire & Auto Service Show in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, representing their retail banners: Point S, Point S City, V1, Otobox, Pneus Prestige, Mega Pneus, Pneus Max Plus, and Tire People. Active in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and all the Atlantic provinces, the company operates over 850 points of sale.

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    20. Kumho Backs Humane Society

      Kumho Backs Humane Society

      Kumho Tire Canada ha announced the sponsorship of the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society.

      Kumho Tire Canada’s “Rescue, Save, Love with Kumho Tire 2020” annual campaign supports the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society.

      With this campaign, Kumho Tire Canada will donate part of their profits from sales of the CRUGEN HT51, SOLUS HA31, and Road Venture AT51 tires to help animals in need.

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