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    1. Pirelli: The Resilience of Carrère and Seabrook in the 2019 Annual Report

      Milan, 18 June 2020 - Resilience is the theme at the centre of “The Road Ahead”, the 2019 edition of the Pirelli Annual Report which, continuing the now decade long tradition, tells the company’s story going beyond the numbers alone. This year the task of enriching the report, with previously unpublished texts and illustrations, was entrusted to the great author Emmanuel Carrère, the famous non-fiction writer John Seabrook, and the visual artist Selman Hoşgör.


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    2. Pirelli: Welfare Goes Online with Courses for Employees and Activities for Children

      Milan - Play-educational activities for employees’ children, mindfulness practices, yoga courses, pilates and workouts as well as a virtual family care window with useful advice for managing the day-to-day. All strictly online. These are some of the welfare initiatives that Pirelli has launched during the Covid-19 emergency to help its employees engage with the new mode of work, manage their families and the gradual return to activities in the forms dictated by the pandemic.


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    3. Pirelli: No Impacts On Production Activities From COVID-19. All Business Activities Guaranteed

      Pirelli: No Impacts On Production Activities From COVID-19. All Business Activities Guaranteed

      Milan, 9 March 2020 - In light of the latest provisions from the Italian government, Pirelli took immediate steps to facilitate the continuity of all its business activities, which are therefore guaranteed.

      There are no impacts on production activities. Today the Italian market accounts for 5.8% of the Pirelli group’s total revenues and Car tyre production in Italy represents 7.5% of the group’s total. There are 3,247 employees in Italy.

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