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    1. Pirelli Begins World Rally Championship Testing Programme In Sardinia

      Pirelli will embark on its 2021 World Rally Championship campaign with two days of private tyre testing today and tomorrow in Sardinia: the first day devoted to gravel and the second day on asphalt. At the wheel of Pirelli’s uniquely-liveried Citroen C3 WRC test car will be Norway’s Andreas Mikkelsen, co-driven by his compatriot Anders […]

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    2. Giti Tire announces new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire

      Giti Tire announces new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire

      Giti Tire launches the new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire to provide long mileage and a smooth, quiet ride for North American SUV and pickup truck owners.

      “The new Adventuro HT showcases American Engineering by our US R&D Center and high quality American manufacturing from our plant in South Carolina.

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    3. Trelleborg launches EMR1025 all-season construction tyre

      Trelleborg Wheel Systems will debut its EMR1025 all-season commercial tyre for loaders and graders. The manufacturer states that the tyre delivers premium damage protection and durability while adding extra comfort. Its is designed to be a suitable year-round fitment, providing enhanced grip on snow and ice. This offers a potential cost saving for operators, as it eliminates the cost and downtime of seasonal changeovers.

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    4. Cooper Tire launches new Roadmaster RM258 winter drive tire

      Cooper Tire has expanded its Roadmaster brand with the Roadmaster RM258 winter drive tire for regional haulers.

      Featuring an open shoulder design with four rows of lugs, the tire is Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified. Helping the tire achieve that rating are shoulder notches and chevron grooves for excellent bite in winter conditions. It was designed for regional applications, and comes in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes with load range H.

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    5. South Korea's Hankook Tech chairman sells entire stake to younger son; shares rally

      The parent of South Korea's top tyre maker Hankook Tire & Technology said its chairman had sold his stake in the group to his younger son, driving its shares up 30% as investors bet this could lead to a family feud over ownership.

      Hankook Technology Group Co Ltd Chairman Cho Yang-rai has sold his 23.59% stake in a block deal to Cho Hyun-bum, who heads the tyre maker, making junior Cho the largest shareholder with a nearly 43% stake in the parent company, a regulatory filing showed on Tuesday.

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    6. BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium

      BKT Launches Maglift Eco, Maglift Premium

      Two new models, the Maglift Eco and the Maglift Premium, are coming for Maglift, the BKT tire specifically designed for forklifts.

      Maglift Eco is made with two layers of rubber compound and has a shape and wide lugs for stability and load distribution, BKT says. There is also a rim guard designed to protect against damage and denting. Low rolling resistance and high resistance to overheating are designed to offer maximum efficiency, and steel wires incorporated into the hitch offer secure grip and prevent slippage, BKT says. There are two versions available, standard and “LIP,” which has an asymmetric hitch to avoid having to add flanges.

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    7. Nokian Tyres Factory Earns ISO 9001 Certification

      Nokian Tyres Factory Earns ISO 9001 Certification

      Less than six months after opening, Nokian Tyres ’ factory in Dayton, Tennessee, earned ISO 9001 certification earlier this year.

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      The achievement affirms that the company has implemented rigorous quality management processes at the facility.

      The process includes audits by an independent, external certification body and by internal staff trained for the process. All three of Nokian Tyres’ global factories have now achieved ISO 9001 certification.

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    8. Titan Expands Two OTR Tire Lines

      Titan Expands Two OTR Tire Lines

      Titan International, Inc. (Titan) has introduced higher ply ratings for two of its existing OTR product lines — the Titan CM100 and the Titan CM150.

      This higher ply rating allows for carrying heavier loads, and doing so with greater durability and a longer life, Titan says. The CM100 and CM150 were engineered to withstand the toughest conditions and highest weight load requirements, the company says.

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    9. Cooper Unveils Roadmaster Tires for Vans, Delivery Trucks

      Cooper Unveils Roadmaster Tires for Vans, Delivery Trucks

      Cooper Tire ’s Roadmaster brand has bolstered its presence in the “final mile,” pick-up and delivery, and emergency vehicle tire segment with the introduction of two new tires.

      The Roadmaster RM257 drive and Roadmaster RM170+ steer, both 19.5-inch tires, will soon be available for order through Roadmaster dealers.

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    10. Giti Tire Introduces Radial Adventuro HT for Pickups and SUVs

      RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA, USA, June 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The GT Radial Adventuro HT highway all-season tire is being introduced to provide long mileage and a smooth, quiet ride for North American SUV and pickup truck owners.

      Several of the line’s most popular sizes are manufactured at the company’s plant in Richburg, SC. The new M+S rated tire is backed with a 60,000-mile limited tread wear warranty and a 30-Day Test Drive satisfaction guarantee for the consumer.

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    11. Camso AIR 561 Tyre Doubles Wear Life in Ground Support Equipment Applications

      Camso’s Solideal AIR 561, has quickly found its way to some of the world’s busiest airports. This industrial pneumatic tyre was especially designed for ground support equipment (GSE) and landed a new OEM contract to supply these tyres to Charlatte Manutention, a leading manufacturer of battery powered airport equipment (baggage tractors, tow tractors, beltloaders, and […]

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    12. Continental launches VF agricultural tyres

      Continental has launched its new range of very high flexion (VF) agricultural tyres. The manufacturer states that the tyres are more versatile and safer on the road. They also increase agricultural efficiencies, Conti adds. VF tyres help to reduce soil compaction, which helps to promote increased yields. They can also save farmers time, as a result of field and road performance gains. Conti re-entered the high-value agricultural tyre market in 2017 with the radial Tractor70 and Tractor85 ranges.

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    13. Bridgestone phases shutdowns in Japan

      Bridgestone is temporarily shutting plants in Japan due to a decline in demand.

      The plants that are being shut down cover tire production for cars, aircraft, motorcycles, trucks and buses.

      In Fukuoka, the Kurume plant will shut its aircraft tire plant from May 27-June 1, June 3-4 and June 6-7, and the section producing tires for passenger cars will be shut from May 28 -June 1.

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    14. Michelin High Marks in J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction

      Drivers gave Michelin higher satisfaction ratings in two of the three segments in J.D. Power’s annual Original Equipment Tire Satisfaction Study.

      Michelin claimed top honors in the luxury and truck/utility segments. It was the company’s 17th consecutive highest ranking in the luxury category and fifth consecutive highest ranking in the truck/utility category. Michelin placed second in the passenger car segment.

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    15. Firestone launches Winterhawk 4 flagship winter tyre

      Firestone launches Winterhawk 4 flagship winter tyre

      Firestone has launched the Winterhawk 4 winter tyre – the next generation of the Bridgestone brand’s flagship winter tyre line. The tyre targets cars and on-road SUVs at a mid-range, value price. Firestone says its Winterhawk 4 tyre has been engineered for optimal control and handling in cold and unpredictable conditions. The manufacturer states that the new tyre offers improved traction on snow and ice at around 7 per cent better than the Winterhawk 3.

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    16. Nokian has emissions targets approved

      Nokian Tyres has had its emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. The targets cover emissions from Nokian’s operations, and make it the first tire company to receive this approval. Commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 cover scope 1 for direct emissions and scope 2 for indirect emissions from purchased energy. By 2030, Nokian is committed to reducing scope 1 and 2 emissions by 40% per ton using 2015 as a base year.

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