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    The Rubber Recycling Symposium will once again draw an international audience to exchange ideas and discover the latest in the rubber and tire recycling technologies, products, and policies.

    Created and organized by Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (www.tracanada.ca), and co-sponsored by Ontario Tire Stewardship and the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA), the Symposium will take place in Niagara Falls on October 5-7, and bring together tire manufacturers, processors, transporters, equipment manufacturers, stewardship organizations, government and academia.

    This year's event drives toward the latest advances in achieving the circular economy in the rubber and tire industries, and the event program includes topics from global legislative trends to the industry's conversation on the significance of new initiatives and technologies that drive innovation and create high-value products.

    Symposium highlights

    Global Overview
    The leading industry experts from Canada and U.S. will discuss the challenges and trends in global legislative and regulatory environments, and will focus the conversation on regulations that promote tire recycling and innovative ideas that drive the circular economy.

    In Focus: Remaking of the Ontario Tire Recycling Program
    With the tire diversion rate at 93 per cent, Canada is one of the global leaders in tire and rubber recycling; however, the new Waste-Free Ontario Act will see the Ontario Tire Stewardship program wind-up and be replaced by something new.

    Science and Technology
    Tire manufacturers will discuss the global Tire Industry Project (TIP), the significance of the guayule plant as a viable alternative source of latex for the tire industry, and the segment on synthetic turf will discuss the alleged carcinogenic controversy and new research in this important area.

    The Holy Grail of rubber recycling - tires made from 100 per cent recycled rubber - may still be out of reach, but the panel including AirBoss, Tyromer and others will show how the industry continues to lower its environmental impact using efficient tire technologies and introduction of recycled materials in tire production.

    By popular demand, the event will conclude with CEO panel from major tire processors on challenges, opportunities and outlook, sharing their unique perspectives on tire recycling markets.

    Join the conversation on October 5-7, in Niagara Falls, meet all the key industry players, learn and contribute your solutions to the tire and rubber recycling industry.

    Visit event details here, and register for this unique event.

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