1. China Tire Industry 2016 Analysis on Top 5 Tire Manufacturers Research Report Forecast to 2020

    China's output volume of tires broke through 280 million pieces and surpassed the U.S.A. to be the leading manufacturer and exporter in the world for the first time from 2006.However, it decreased by 17.33% YOY to 925.16 million compared to 2014 because of the economy slump in 2015. 

    The sales revenue of the tire industry continuously increased in China during these years. However, it experienced a decline with the decreasing output volume of tires in 2015. The total export value increased from USD 3.284 billion in 2005 to USD 13.846 billion in 2015 (tires for bicycles and motorcycles are not included) with the CAGR of 15.48%. The market share of radial tires accounted for over 80% in total export value, transferring from focusing on the export of bias tires to radial tires, which increased the ...

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