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    1. Pirelli Begins World Rally Championship Testing Programme In Sardinia

      Pirelli will embark on its 2021 World Rally Championship campaign with two days of private tyre testing today and tomorrow in Sardinia: the first day devoted to gravel and the second day on asphalt. At the wheel of Pirelli’s uniquely-liveried Citroen C3 WRC test car will be Norway’s Andreas Mikkelsen, co-driven by his compatriot Anders […]

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    2. Michelin to pursue sustainable motorsport despite Formula E exit

      Michelin motorsport director Matthieu Bonardel has given his reaction to the announcement of a changing of the guard in the world’s premier battery-powered single-seater racing series. Despite Hankook’s move to replace Michelin as Formula E tyre supplier after the 2021/2022 season, the French manufacturer continues to believe that “sporting competition and sustainable mobility are inextricably linked.” Michelin was the tyre inaugural supplier to Formula E, which began in 2014/15, and has actively shaped the series as exclusive tyre partner ever since.

      The post Michelin to pursue sustainable motorsport despite Formula E exit appeared first on Tyrepress.

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    3. Triangle Tire Hires New Senior Development Engineer

      Triangle Tire Hires New Senior Development Engineer

      Longtime tire industry engineer Brad Wurst has accepted the position of senior development engineer of A3T, the technical center for Triangle Tire in Akron.

      Wurst joins Triangle Tire from a recent post at Smithers Materials Science and Engineering. His tire engineering experience includes 20 years with Bridgestone Americas and seven years with Cooper Tire, including a one-year stint as a TBR development engineer at Cooper Tire’s Shanghai facility.

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    4. Goodyear Farm Tires continue to grow in UK through pandemic crisis

      Titan International has been manufacturing Goodyear Farm Tires in USA for more than a decade. It returned to the European and UK markets last year after Titan purchased the licence. It has also made a significant investment in new plant and equipment to manufacture tyres specifically for the UK and European markets. Lindsay Hart, tyre sales director at Titan Europe and Goodyear Farm Tires, gave Tyres & Accessories an insight into demand for agricultural tyres during the Covid-19 crisis.

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    5. ETRMA, automotive value chain welcome EU skills agenda

      ETRMA, automotive value chain welcome EU skills agenda

      Brussels – A grouping of four European automotive value chain associations, including the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA), have voiced their support for a skills agenda which was presented to the European Commission 1 July.

      In a letter to Nicolas Schmit, European commissioner for jobs and social rights, the associations said the agenda was in line with a 25-point action list published by the four trade bodies in May for the smooth recovery of the automotive industry from Covid-induced slowdown.

      “Skilling and up-skilling of the existing workforce and bridging the skills gap between the needs of the industry and the ...

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    6. Because Of COVID-19 Pandemic, Dengue Prevention Is Taking A Hit All Over The World

      Because Of COVID-19 Pandemic, Dengue Prevention Is Taking A Hit All Over The World

      To slow down coronavirus, governments implemented lockdowns to keep people at home. Activities that affected services like trash collection were curtailed. Also hospitals were shielded from a surge of patients. But these restrictions also are creating problems in efforts to cope with seasonal outbreaks of dengue , which is an incurable, mosquito-borne disease also called “breakbone fever” for its severely painful symptoms.

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    7. Discount Tire Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Sweepstakes

      Discount Tire Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Sweepstakes

      Discount Tire, in partnership with Michelin, is marking its 60 th anniversary with a special sweepstakes to say “thank you” to its customers. The sweepstakes kicked off July 1 and concludes on Dec. 31, 2020.

      “For 60 years, Discount Tire has focused on taking care of the customer,” said Dean Muglia, CEO of Discount Tire. “It has always been about treating them as a friend, not a transaction.

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    8. Industry veteran Chip Perry to helm A2Z Sync

      Industry veteran Chip Perry to helm A2Z Sync

      Improving customers' car-buying experience is "the biggest opportunity in automotive retail" today, says auto retailing veteran Chip Perry. And to do that, dealerships need to transform the sales process by eliminating the bottlenecks that lead to long waits at the showroom and frustrate customers, he said. Perry, who previously led both Autotrader and TrueCar, is now CEO of A2Z Sync, which helps dealerships transition to one-person selling.

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    9. Michelin Remains the World’s Most Valuable and Strongest Tire Brand

      Michelin remains the world’s most valuable and strongest tire brand with a brand value of US$7.1 billion and a BSI score of 86.2 out of 100. Michelin is by far the strongest brand in the tire segment with an advantage of 9 BSI points over the second strongest brand in the industry, Bridgestone (up 1% to US$7.0 billion). Michelin is the thought leader in the industry, its product diversification into punctureless tires with its Uptis prototype and association with premium events and excellent performance, have helped the brand maintain its strength and status

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    10. Smart Tires Are Coming – How Consumers Will Benefit from Sensor Technology

      The automatization of traffic is advancing, which also sets new requirements for car tires. When a car is not human-controlled, it must be able to individually observe driving conditions via sensors installed on tires, for example. The old and familiar safety characteristics, such as grip on ice and aquaplaning resistance, will be joined by technology that produces real-time data.  

      – If a car does not have an active driver to ensure that the tires are safe to use, safety needs to be measured in another way, says Mika Penttilä, Head of Digital Technology for Nokian Tyres 

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    11. Canadian RubberSource Launches Global Growth Initiatives

      CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO (PRWEB) JUNE 16, 2020: RubberSource’s first growth initiative was to expand sales and warehouse facilities to support their planned growth. November 2019 marked the opening of RubberSource Europe, with a sales office in Germany and a warehouse in Poland positioned to supply Europe, Africa, Middle East, and China.

      RubberSource’s Canadian headquarters, located within 200km of 4 U.S./Canadian borders, has also expanded to serve the Americas. Soucy-Techno – Rubbersource’s manufacturing partner based in Sherbrook, Quebec – has a new, fully integrated and automated manufacturing process at their ISO 9001:2015 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Soucy-Techno has also recently expanded its warehouse to 3,300 m2 to address the increased demand. RubberSource consistently maintains 200 rolls of rubber in inventory and can manufacture any other requirements in less than 2 weeks, quite often in 3-5 business days.

      The second initiative is...

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    12. Canadian Carbon Resource Recovery’s Binding Injunction Order Against ReOil Sp. z o.o

      VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Klean Industries Inc ("Klean") is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Carbon Resources Recovery GmbH (“CRR”) located in Berlin, Germany has won a Final and Binding Injunction against ReOil Sp. z o.o.

      The Binding Injunction Order prohibits ReOil from conducting any commercial transactions, from disclosing, offering and / or bringing to the market any of CRR's confidential know-how and technical information on thermal treatment of used tyres by pyrolysis consisting of a device using a rotary kiln without CRR´s consent or from carrying out such actions through third parties.

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    13. Former MTD Editor Chuck Slaybaugh Has Died

      Charles Slaybaugh Jr., a former editor of Modern Tire Dealer who spent 17 years at the magazine and more than 30 years in the tire industry, has died. He was 80.

      Slaybaugh joined Modern Tire Dealer in 1964, and in August 1971 was named editor. He remained the magazine’s editor through November 1975, and was named editorial director in December 1975, a post he retained for six more years.


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    14. Giti Tire announces new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire

      Giti Tire announces new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire

      Giti Tire launches the new Adventuro HT Highway All Season Tire to provide long mileage and a smooth, quiet ride for North American SUV and pickup truck owners.

      “The new Adventuro HT showcases American Engineering by our US R&D Center and high quality American manufacturing from our plant in South Carolina.

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    15. Trelleborg launches EMR1025 all-season construction tyre

      Trelleborg Wheel Systems will debut its EMR1025 all-season commercial tyre for loaders and graders. The manufacturer states that the tyre delivers premium damage protection and durability while adding extra comfort. Its is designed to be a suitable year-round fitment, providing enhanced grip on snow and ice. This offers a potential cost saving for operators, as it eliminates the cost and downtime of seasonal changeovers.

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    16. Bridgestone Launches New Global Tagline toward a Sustainable Solutions Company

      Tokyo (July 8, 2020) - Bridgestone Corporation unveiled its new global brand tagline during a virtual press conference livestreamed today from the company's Tokyo-based conference and training facility. The new "Solutions for your journey" tagline supports the company's Mid-Long-Term Business Strategy Framework, which was also introduced at the press conference today by Bridgestone Global CEO and Representative Executive Officer Shu Ishibashi.


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    17. Continental Combines The Special-Purpose Tyre Segment Into A New Business Unit

      Technology company Continental is combining its global activities in the special-purpose tyre segment. Effective July 1, the business areas of ‘Commercial Specialty Tires’, ‘Two Wheel Tires’ and ‘Hoosier Racing Tire’ are combined in a new “Specialty Tires” business unit.  As a result, from now on the entire Continental specialty tyre business will be developed, manufactured […]

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